How to Make LinkedIn a Lead-Generating Machine

About this presentation:

Would you or anyone on your team like to have more leads than you could possibly follow up on coming from LinkedIn? Based on a very successful joint-training that John did with a LinkedIn expert two years ago, How to Make LinkedIn a Lead-Generating Machine 2.0 has been updated with new LinkedIn policies and strategies John himself has used to generate tons of leads, clients, testimonials, connections, and more. It is definite the “new and improved” LinkedIn training that EVERY business person should attend.

What’s in it for hosts:

As a host, you will be providing your team, company, or group with an engaging and refreshing training program that can begin using right away to explode their leads. Present new and engaging content that will not only help each attendee grow, but help your overall organization grow as well. This presentation is tailored to YOUR organization and can run from 45 minutes up to 4 hours.

What’s in it for attendees:

  • Step-by-Step System for Getting Leads from LinkdIn
  • Know exactly how many leads you can expect each month and where they will be coming from
  • Learn how to do targeted LinkedIn searches to find the EXACT leads you are looking for

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