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The Importance of Client Retention

The greatest compliment you can get from a client is having them stick around for years and years. In 2006, I started a company called Intelligent Business Network Solutions. I signed on Kurt Olsen as a client that same year. When I sold the company in 2013, Kurt stayed with me instead of going with

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How to Achieve Financial Freedom in Your Business

Did you start your business with the ultimate goal of achieving financial independence and freedom? Now, many years later, you have built a company with a few employees, but you are nowhere near attaining financial freedom. I have experienced this many, many times, and I have watched my coaching clients experience it, too. One of

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how to create systems in your business

How to Create Systems in Your Business

The first step in creating systems in your business is investing in capture tools so you can start building your online training university for the people you are ultimately going to hire. Do this as soon as possible, before you even think you need to hire someone. I use Zoom for this. They have a

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I have built several 6 and 7 figure businesses over the past 25 years and earned the title “The Business Doctor” as a result of my track record of helping small companies achieve results faster. I do this by solving problems, developing strategies to generate recurring revenue and higher profits, increasing productivity, and attracting more perfect clients. To learn more about how I can help you solve problems, generate recurring revenue and higher profits, and attract more clients, book a free 10-minute call now.​