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The Sales Mountain

A client of mine, Deborah, came to me five years ago. Within the first two weeks of working with her, I discovered that she had a resistance to sales. Deborah had been in business at the time for 22 years, with a graphic design and web development company. She could not get her income beyond

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Q & A With a Business Coach

“I’m a sole proprietor, so it is just me. I don’t have anything for sales. Is it worth trying to set up a program with someone who could do cold calls and create appointments, then I can follow up?” Absolutely! Roberta Lopez does my follow up calls and appointment setting. The only types of calls

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Sales Coach

You Probably Have a Resistance to Sales

We’re natural born salespeople as a human race. If you doubt me on that, think of a toddler. When you try to tell them you no, they don’t give up, they persist, push, and come up with all kinds of different angles to win you over. Let me give you some sales coaching, sales is

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I have built several 6 and 7 figure businesses over the past 25 years and earned the title “The Business Doctor” as a result of my track record of helping small companies achieve results faster. I do this by solving problems, developing strategies to generate recurring revenue and higher profits, increasing productivity, and attracting more perfect clients. To learn more about how I can help you solve problems, generate recurring revenue and higher profits, and attract more clients, book a free 10-minute call now.​