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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

10x Business Coaching Call – How to Grow in the Off Season

One of my 10x Business Owner’s Mastermind Group members, Andrea Young, makes organic products for hair skin and nails. They are olive-oil based and free of nuts and other allergens. She gets the olive oil straight from a local orchard, and sells them to salons, tattoo artists, and health and fitness establishments, but wants to start selling to retail stores as well.

She needs to sell more products. She does incredibly well in the fall selling at trade shows, but needs a way to continue her momentum through the winter. She was in my Hot Seat for the 10x Business Owner’s Mastermind Group last week, and I helped her come up with some strategies to reach this goal.

Identify The Problem

First, we identified the problem. Andrea has a fantastic in-person business. She kills it at trade shows and farmers markets. But, in her offseason when she is not going to these events, her sales plummet. Why? Because she does not have a strategy in place to sell her products outside of the expos, events, and trade shows.

Propose a Solution

She needs to get her online marketing up and running. She already has an online store set up, so all she needs to do is drive traffic to her website through ad campaigns and social media. She needs to update her site and create content that inspires people to purchase from her.

If Andrea can successfully create an online network of clients, she would no longer worry about her sales dropping off when she is not at trade shoes. How is she going to create this network? With professional help. It is always best to stay in your lane in your business as much as possible.

Provide a Plan

I referred her to three people who can help her solve this problem. Why three people? Because everyone learns differently and just because someone is good at what they do doesn’t mean that they will work well with Andrea. She will have the option of choosing from done-for-you services or coaching, and can talk to all three professionals and decide who will work best for her business.

Do you see how I was able to take what seemed like a huge business problem and provide an actionable strategy for how she can fix it? That is just one example of the problems I solve during my 10x Business Owner’s Mastermind Group live coaching calls.

If you have a problem in your business and need help solving it, come check out the group. We would love to help you out!  

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