5 Strategies Guaranteed to Improve Client Retention

Last week, we covered the 5-step system for generating unlimited leads. So in this post, let’s cover how you can keep those leads once they’ve become clients. All too often, I see business owners doing at least 3X more work than they need to just getting leads, because they haven’t keeping those clients once they have them. In staying with our 5-step theme, here are some tried-and-true strategies to improve your client retention.

The 5-Step Unlimited Lead Generation System

Business revolves around systems. Whether it’s your hiring process, your sales call scripts, or your event planning process, a strong system is the make-or-break point of success. Lead generation, THE most important aspect of any business, is no different.

But before you can create a powerful lead generation system, you need to do a little mental check. What is your mindset around lead generation? Do you feel too much pressure over it? Do you drag your feet or cringe at the thought of being “salesy”? It’s time to clear that up with the truth about lead generation.

How (and Why) to Create a One-Page Strategic Plan

It’s coming up on the end of the first quarter of 2017. If you have not yet created a One Page Plan, then NOW is the time to do so. This has the potential to dramatically improve your focus and results for the rest of the year.

What is a One Page Plan (OPP)? The OPP is a single page that distills all of your business objectives and planned strategies into one easy-to-digest and constantly evaluated sheet. It’s fairly common for business owners to sit down and write out pages of yearly goals, strategies, and “to do” items into a neat report…

Strategies for Having Repeat Success

In business, all of us have goals. We are all working to achieve greater growth, impact, fulfillment, freedom, etc. But often, our plans (if we even make them) are not customized to help us achieve these goals. In fact, they are often counter-productive, because they’re based on generic templates which were made to achieve other people’s goals. Let’s change that today. Let’s look at how to create a custom sales and marketing strategy that actually helps you achieveyour goals.

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