How to Supercharge Your Marketing in 2018: Part 1

As we are going into the new year, most business owners are looking into how they can make next year better than this one. One area that is always up for improvement is marketing. In fact, it’s the area that my clients and I spend the most time in, because it effects every other aspect of any type of business you may run. In the spirit of the season for business owners, here’s my tried-and-true method theĀ  supercharge your marketing in 2018.

7 Ways Businesses Can Prepare for the New Year

The end of the year is generally a milestone for many entrepreneurs and small business owners. It can and should be seen as the perfect time to make sure your business is in good shape to face the new year, and not just be seen as a chance to celebrate making it through another year. To help your business thrive during the next year, these steps should be taken during the next few weeks.

6 Tips For A Killer LinkedIn Profile

Networking comes in many forms. Word of mouth, cold calling, and cold emailing are all forms of networking. In the Information Age, new methods of meeting people are constantly being created. One of the best ways to generate connections and leads is through LinkedIn. That being said, there is a good, better, and best way to navigate the world of LinkedIn. If one wished to be successful on that platform, it is imperative that the LinkedIn member has a great profile. Below are 6 tips for creating a LinkedIn profile that will assist in generating connections and leads.

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