10x Business Coaching Call – How to Grow in the Off Season

One of my 10x Business Owner’s Mastermind Group members, Andrea Young, makes organic products for hair skin and nails. They are olive-oil based and free of nuts and other allergens. She gets the olive oil straight from a local orchard, and sells them to salons, tattoo artists, and health and fitness establishments, but wants to […]

How to Position Yourself for Success

You have got to start with your mindset. Start by implementing a morning routine. This is the same as putting your own oxygen mask on first. This often goes against all of our instincts. Your business is your baby, and just like on the airplane when they tell you to put your mask on before […]

Power Networking Tips

Everyone has a network that they have influence with. This makes them a person of influence (POI). But, not everyone is a good POI for you. A good POI for you is someone who has a high percentage of your target market inside their network. You and 3 other POIs can create a power network. […]

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