Advantages of automating a business

When in your company you start to have to do other tasks, both on your computer and in the outside world, to maintain all that infrastructure, you see that your personal time begins to be drastically cut and you have to go look for information on how to automate a business.   Also, one of […]

Strategies to retain a customer

One of the obsessions of a marketing entrepreneur is user acquisition, but this is not the only one, retain a customer and the churn rate are also issues that concern (and a lot) professionals.   There is no doubt that user acquisition is one of the most important pillars and, in general, one of the […]

Find out how to attract more customers

If customers do not enter our business, we cannot sell, therefore, the first objective of any business, before selling, is to know how to attract more customers.   But getting more customers is not so simple, it requires being very clear about the strategic issues of your business and attending to many small details that […]

Do you want to start a business and you don’t know how?

Compared to having a job, start a business allows us to be able to earn a high income, set our own hours, use our full potential, and have the satisfaction of having created and accomplished something on our own.   So, whatever your reasons, such as that you cannot get a job, you have finally […]

Top Tips for Being Successful in Business

There are many reasons that lead a person to want to start their own project and at the same time be successful in business.   These reasons range from unemployment to dissatisfaction with the current job, the desire to be their own boss leads many people to make this decision, however, to have a successful […]

Know the business trends for 2021

If you wonder what are the most profitable business trends to undertake because you want to start the year on the right foot, but you still feel a bit disoriented, one of the best ways is to know the businesses that are booming and whose ventures are a possibility to grow.   Therefore, in this […]

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