How to manage your business and make it grow

Knowing how to manage your business seems difficult and completely challenging. It could even be more complicated if the career you studied is not related to administration.   But this should not be an excuse for you not to grow your business or start making that great business idea you have in mind a reality. […]

Discover the essential steps for an effective sale

Having an effective sale is one of the most worrying activities for professionals in this practice, it can always be a bit difficult at the beginning to attract good clients.   In fact, some people have a gift, a special charm that makes selling a simple transaction, but other people do not, they simply have […]

Know the reasons why your business don’t sell

On many occasions, more than we would like, we are faced with the problem that we do not know what is blocking our income. But it seems like many factors escape our eyes and make your business doesn’t sell.   Reasons why your business doesn’t sell Lack of trust Users need to recognize a place […]

How to sell to an indecisive customer

One of the situations that make salespeople and salespeople the most nervous is how they should act when faced with an indecisive customer.   The nervousness of the merchants is given by the possibility of losing the potential sale depending on how they act. Therefore, the seller has doubts about forcing the relationship with the […]

Everything you need to know about your buyer persona

Before getting into the subject, you must know that the buyer persona refers to the ideal or archetypal customer. In essence, it consists of developing a profile that fits with a group of potential clients who have similar characteristics.   But, although the buyer person must coincide with a series of qualities that different individuals […]

Toxic Customers: How to recognize them

Dealing with toxic customers can be a great challenge, but if we know how to identify them and handle an encounter with them well, we can avoid potentially damaging situations for our business or company.   In companies, conflicts can arise with co-workers, bosses, suppliers, and also with customers. That is why it is so […]

Steps to start a profitable online business

Do you want to start an online business but don’t know where to start? Well, I’ll tell you what, with advances in technology and low startup costs, it’s never been easier to run a profitable small digital business with little investment.   Below you can learn how to ensure your success when you are starting […]

Simple strategies that will help you sell more

For many, selling today is a matter of processes, and yes, it really is, and I know that at some point you have been needing those strategies to help you sell more.   Moreover, let’s say that the simplest part of the whole process is that in the end, someone is going to buy our […]

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