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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

4 Ways to Build Trust in Your Business

In business, all of us have goals. We are all working to achieve greater growth, impact, fulfillment, freedom, etc. But often, our plans (if we even make them) are not customized to help us achieve these goals. In fact, they are often counter-productive because they’re based on generic templates which were made to achieve other people’s goals. Let’s change that today. Let’s look at how to create a custom sales and marketing strategy that actually helps you achieve your goals.

Before getting into the specific steps, it’s important for you to know one thing: this is not a simple, five-minute process. It is also not a set-it-and-forget-it type of process. As you grow, your goals will change, and thus your strategy will need to change. As a starting point, I suggest you set two blocks of time – each 2-3 hours long and none more than a few days apart – to really get this plan nailed down. If you aren’t willing to spend this time, then you aren’t willing to actually reach your goals, and this article isn’t for you.

For the first session, what you’ll want to do is some brainstorming. You’ll have several questions to answer and lots of freedom to dream big.

Step 1

Start with your numbers. Ask what you want your yearly revenue to be and then break it up by month. For example, $400,000/yr in revenue is $33,333/month.

Step 2

Look at what you currently do for revenue streams. For example, product sales, client coaching, and speaking engagements. Anything that currently brings in money for your business. Break down how much you are currently bringing in for each AND how much you’d like to bring in for each.

Important note: At this point, do not worry about HOW you’re going to achieve any of the goals your set down – think about what you want and write it down!

Step 3

Ask yourself several questions, such as:

What am I taking into this plan that has worked for me so far?
What hasn’t worked or haven’t I enjoyed that needs to be removed?
What do I want to try?
What limitations do I think I have right now, and what might I be able to do to remove them?
After brainstorming what you want, then you can work on how to get there. This will be the bulk of session two and involves more specific questions.

Step 4:

Ask if you have the skill set to do what you need to reach the goal. For example, do you have the skill set to give killer front-of-room speeches so that vendors book you and you can reach your speaking engagement revenue goal?

If not, you need to do some homework to fix that. Here’s my suggestion: read five books, watch 2-3 webinars, attend 2-3 workshops on the subject, and/or get a coach to help you become an expert quickly.

If there are limitations like, “I don’t have time,” then you must consider how to make time. Perhaps getting an admin or virtual assistant.

Step 5:

Consider these questions:

What can I bring to the marketplace that people want?
Am I passionate enough about it to do it for free? (You may need to at first to get some experience and testimonials.)

Step 6:

Reflect on the year before. Make a list of what you are most proud of, what you were most surprised by, and in what ways you grew. This will help guide you through the coming year as you work to achieve your goals.

These steps will help you craft a plan that reflects your goals, dreams, and values. Then it is up to you to DO THE WORK and make it happen!

Here’s to your success!

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