Automating a business
John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Advantages of automating a business

When in your company you start to have to do other tasks, both on your computer and in the outside world, to maintain all that infrastructure, you see that your personal time begins to be drastically cut and you have to go look for information on how to automate a business.


Also, one of the reasons why many people get into the idea of ​​having their own business is precisely to have more free time to be able to enjoy it with the family or for what they like the most, so the idea that you end up enslaving yourself to your own business.


To avoid this there is the possibility of automating a business and that some processes are elaborated by programs and applications that will allow your company to function in a solitary way and you only have to check a few processes.


In addition to saving time, with the automation of a business, you can take better advantage of all the marketing you need so that your venture reaches a good position. Some programs will help you grow and be able to keep a greater number of clients than you personally can support unless you decide not to sleep more and spend all day in front of the computer, which is not recommended or healthy.


What are the advantages of automating a business?

Minimize costs by designing economical processes

Since the automation of a business is oriented to the tasks being carried out at the expected time and by specific people. In the same way, changes can be made in an agile way so that needs that the business or the market’s demand can be incorporated.


Avoid repetitive tasks

As a business is automated, people focus on productive tasks. It also avoids the occurrence of operational errors that may be caused by an unclear definition of responsibilities and business rules that allow moving from one state to another, it is undoubtedly aimed at fulfilling each of the tasks that have been established for that works correctly and efficiently.


There is information that allows decisions to be made regarding their behavior

This in terms of times, comparisons that lead to an analysis of the causes of the problem or the determined situation and thus be aligned with one of the objectives of continuous improvement.


Defined activities

Being focused on processes implies that the participation of people can be defined based on a role model, using workflows and diagrams that allow the definition of activities. Having automated processes means that the corresponding information is documented at the disposal of all those involved and not in the mind of an employee, who believes it to be indispensable.


Tips for automating a business

Automate the easiest processes

For automation efforts to be effective, start with the right process to test the impact of this transformation. In this way, you can gradually automate more critical processes.


Build a culture of automation

It is important to emphasize the importance of automating a business to improve the overall performance of the company.


Eliminate inefficiencies

It will help you ask yourself questions such as: Can the organization work with fewer manpower and still offer products or services of the same or better quality? Can I add more value to the business by focusing staff on tasks that do not require repetitive work but rather creative and intellectual? How can I enhance my business goals? Is the staff ready?


Choose a document and process management system

To automate your business processes you must have an adequate management system. You will eliminate repetitive tasks, free up the capacity of staff so that they can contribute to tasks that generate greater value for the business and you will eliminate bottlenecks.


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