Q & A With a Business Coach

“I’m a sole proprietor, so it is just me. I don’t have anything for sales. Is it worth setting up a program with someone who could do cold calls and create appointments, then I can follow up?” Absolutely! Roberta Lopez does my follow-up calls and appointment setting. The only types of calls I make are […]

Looking Forward in 2024…

WANT TO BUY OR SELL A BUSINESS? Did you know The Business Doctor can help you buy or sell your business? Having a professional eye helps you get the best price and ensure it is a quality business—book an appointment today. WE ARE ADDING 25 COACHES IN 2024 To meet our demand for helping businesses, […]

Friends of McBean Park Stadium Event

Many know that The Business Doctor sponsors the Lincoln Potters collegiate baseball team. We are even a host family for players who travel from out of the area. Well, it has gotten even better. We are cooking! I have been selected to provide the BBQ meal at the Dine on the Diamond Event on Saturday, […]

The Power of the One Page Strategic Plan

Last week, I brought on three new clients. One of them has been in business since 1990. Another, for only three or four years. The third, the one I got very excited about (not that I wasn’t excited about the other two), was the one that has only been in business since June last year. […]

How To Recognize Toxic Customers

Dealing with toxic customers can be a great challenge. Still, if we know how to identify and handle an encounter with them well, we can avoid potentially damaging situations for our business or company. Conflicts can arise with co-workers, bosses, suppliers, and customers in companies. That is why it is so important to establish guidelines […]

5 Strategies Guaranteed to Improve Client Retention

I often see business owners doing at least 3X more work than they need to get fresh leads because they haven’t kept those clients once they have them. Here are some tried-and-true strategies to improve your client retention. 1. Get to Know Your Client This may seem very obvious, but it’s amazing how many people […]

How To Create Systems In Your Business

The first step in creating systems in your business is investing in capture tools to start building your online training university for the people you will ultimately hire. Do this as soon as possible, before you even think you need to hire someone. I use Zoom for this. They have a free version if you […]

Running Your Business is a Game

I coach a lot of people. Most of the time, my coaching is all about taking action. Running a business is like playing a professional football game. I tell my clients to play the game. Show up and play the game daily because running your business is a game. A professional football game consists of […]

How to Achieve Financial Freedom in Your Business

Did you start your business with the ultimate goal of achieving financial independence and freedom? Many years later, you have built a company with a few employees, but you are nowhere near attaining financial freedom. I have experienced this many, many times, and I have watched my coaching clients experience it, too. One of the […]

Who Will You Save in 2024?

This story is about an old man who walks on the beach every morning. While he walks, he stops to toss starfish back into the ocean. One day, a little boy runs up to him and asks him what he is doing. The man explains that if the sun beats on the starfish for too […]

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