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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Be The Tortoise & The Hare

Here is something you can implement this week to make more sales. I don’t believe that in today’s economy slow and steady wins the race. I don’t believe in the tortoise philosophy at all. We all know that going fast for short periods, making huge promises to everyone in your life, and taking massive action for a week or a month can create results. BUT, we also know that you burn out. You need a break, and then your massive action loses its effectiveness.

To succeed in today’s market, you gotta combine both the tortoise and the hare. You gotta create the ultimate hybrid consistent massive action plan that you can maintain over a long period of time. This is what’s going to win the race today.

It’s not about competition anymore. It’s about massive domination in your space. If you’re a salesperson, it’s about dominating that sales team and being #1. I’ve got news for you. Unless you are the lead dog on your sled team, the view is always the same.

How’s your view right now? Do you like it? Are you a business owner who is not getting the results that you want to get, and you don’t have enough recurring income, and you always have to start over every month to find customers? You’ve got work to do! It’s not time to sit back and freak out about it. It’s time to take massive action.

The only way I know to take massive action when you are not happy with your current view is to work with somebody who is an expert at getting results. I’m one of these experts, and there are tons of other coaches around who can do the same.

If you want to reach out to me for a free coaching session, send me a message on social media, email me, or book a spot on my calendar. Make a habit of taking massive action consistently over time. Make big unreasonable goals and act on them. You are worth it!

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