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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Business Ideas on How to Increase Sales

Once you start a business, the next step is to make the business grow. Naturally, sales need to increase for your business to grow. This is usually easier when it comes to online businesses as it tends to be more cost effective. Here are a few simple techniques that can be employed to make greater profits. Increasing sales volume is not all that’s needed, increasing sales profits is important as well.

Focus on Content Marketing

Nowadays, when it comes to sales, any consulting firm will emphasize the need for content marketing. Earlier people made use of hoardings, press releases, magazine and TV ads and flyers. But today, with the increasing use of the Internet, these traditional methods of marketing are no longer as effective. Content marketing is seen as being more effective as it helps you get recognized by prospective customers and doesn’t just put your product forward to uninterested people. Although it takes time, the end result is lower marketing costs while obtaining higher customer satisfaction.

Try to Upsell

When a customer has just purchased something, they are in a buying mood. This is especially true if the site has been able to meet their needs and proved it cares about customer satisfaction. At this time, they are likely to buy more if you provide enough incentive or make them feel they need the product. If you don’t use upselling whenever possible, you are letting go of easy business.

Understand Your Customer

You need to understand what your customer is looking for, and provide it. If the product already exists, try offering a better quality product. Find ways to make your product and/or service more attractive to the customer. This requires careful analysis of your customer base and studying their buying habits and trends.

Price Does Matter

Most of us buy products only after doing an intense search and a comparison of the prices. Price is important to the customer and have to be kept reasonable in order to get sales. A good marketing strategy is to be aware of the prices being offered by competitors and to then make your products more appealing either by providing more for the same price or by reducing the price. People will buy something expensive if it is attached to a brand. People may buy expensive items because they believe greater the price- greater the quality. So you must ensure that the quality of your products is good so that your customers are not disappointed.


Once you have customers, it’s important to keep them coming for your company sales to increase. Providing certain rewards or discounts to regular customers could serve as an incentive to keep them coming.

Give-Quality, Not-just-Quantity

Quality is of utmost importance to a customer. Once they start distrusting your brand, your business will start to collapse. To keep customers happy, they need to get their money’s worth. Hence, make it a point to offer nothing but the best. Then you can command the price you seek without justifications.


People do not like being deceived by advertisements. Thus, it is important to stress on the actual benefits of a product and/or service and not hype things. When a customer buys something that does not meet the claims that were made, he will be disappointed and is not likely to return. Such a customer will go to social media networking sites and speak about his disappointment. This will spread virally and your business will be doomed.

These are some of the methods most reliable and trustworthy sales consultants offer. Use them today to effectively and efficiently improve your sales.

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