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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Business Tips To Finish The Year Strong

During this week’s 10X Business Owner’s mastermind live call, we got to touch a topic that many overlook at this time of the year, many times; we believe that the goals that we set ourselves and did not meet before, it is lost that they are performed before the end of the year. And it is not like that.

There is a guy, Bill. And he’s in a nice restaurant. He goes to the bathroom, goes into the men’s room, and sees a guy named Fred standing in front of the men’s urinal. And he seems to be a little upset. Because he accidentally dropped a $ 5 bill into the urinal. He says, should I get it? Shouldn’t I get it? You know, he’s very frustrated. 

So he looks at Bill, and Bill says, what are you doing, buddy? And then he looks at Fred. Fred reaches into his back pocket, takes out a $ 50 bill, and purposely drops it in the urinal. 

And Bill looks at it, says, take it, do it. He says, Well, come on, man, you don’t think I’m going to put my hand in there for five bucks, do you?

The moral is that when the stakes are high, when the ratios are high enough, you will do things that you would not normally do to achieve your goals. So the first thing I want to talk about is three things you need to do right now to prepare to maximize the next few months before the end of the year.


Strategies to position yourself and maximize the things that your competition will not do

Since 2015 I have taught these strategies, which have been very successful for my clients. So they prepared to end the year strong, but more importantly, they enter January with a tremendous amount of momentum and business.

So I want to mention three things:

  1. Number one is the inner game that has to do with your way of thinking.
  2. Number two is the external game that has to do with your systems.
  3. And finally, number three, you’re going to have the best mindset on the planet, you can have systems that are rock solid, I mean, you can have your ducks lined up in excellent order.

However, if you can’t do the third thing, acting, none of that matters.



One of the mindsets of a winner is that there is always room to grow. Have you ever thought that you have the potential to perform at a higher level than the level you have been performing?

An important story about that is from the great Michael Jordan; he is well known for his execution, playing at a higher level. 

One of the things that he used to do after every season, which made him great (because you have to be great to play in the NBA), is that he would rewatch the videos about his performance. He would watch hours and hours of tape; he had a notepad and made a list of all the things that he saw in his game that he would like to modify and that he would like to improve.

So he’d have this massive list of little things that he saw, and over a while, he’d narrow that down to one thing, ONE THING, had hired the mentor, he’d hire the coach, literally force himself to master that thing during the offseason.

So for a season, it was his left hand. The only thing he worked on all season was his left hand. The following season, it was strength training. And it was that discipline; it was that focus that made Michael Jordan great.

But what about you and me? So what you and I need to do is look back this year so far. And we mentally replay the tapes of all the actions we have been taking in ​​finances, ​​faith, family, fitness, etc.

All those different areas where you set goals, look at those other areas and ask yourself, okay, where do I want to improve and put your list? What are the things you can see, looking back at your activity, that you would like to improve and just get a master list? Don’t worry, you know, do I have to? I don’t have to, none of those things, just make your list work.

And then, through a process of elimination, start reducing it. What if you can find one thing, the one thing you can focus on in September? What would you do if you made a change if you adjusted if you improved in that area? An impact on all other areas of your life, so I want you to do a couple of things.

Number one is I want you to find five books on that topic, go out and find three audio shows or three videos on that topic and commit to watching them and then find someone, maybe a webinar, that you can attend. And focus on this area.

And then, if you still need help, after that, get a mentor; someone has been very successful in that area and beyond, but you know, put some cash in that area. And if you focus on that area for the rest of this year, I promise you that between now and December 31, it will be ten times better than it is now.

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