Understanding General Business Expenses And Administrative Costs

You’ve been working hard to grow your business. We understand that it can be expensive to invest in yourself when you don’t have any available cash flow. In this week’s 10X Business Owner’s Mastermind Group video call, we advise direction and education to help you succeed more with your business and your money. What are […]

The Power Of Visualizing Your Goals

Visualizing Your Goals Speaking from my own experience, this week alone, I have probably received six or seven calls from clients, friends, and relatives telling me that their business is not working for them. They’ve commented that I’m at a turning point in my business and not having fun anymore. Coincidentally, this week, I had […]

Looking Forward in 2024…

WANT TO BUY OR SELL A BUSINESS? Did you know The Business Doctor can help you buy or sell your business? Having a professional eye helps you get the best price and ensure it is a quality business—book an appointment today. WE ARE ADDING 25 COACHES IN 2024 To meet our demand for helping businesses, […]

How To Turn Your Idea Into A Business

Most of my posts, podcasts, and coaching relate to those who already have a business started. Still, I wanted to take a moment to address another type of inquiry I receive quite often: “How do I turn the idea I have into a business in the first place?” This is an excellent time to address […]

How to Double Your Sales One Day at a Time

In all of my years as a businessman and coach, there has been one concern that clients have had more than any other: how to increase sales and revenue. At the end of the day, it’s important to always keep those goals in mind, as they can be the largest indicator of success or failure […]

Want to Sell Your Business?

The Business Doctor continues to negotiate more business sales. I have successfully negotiated two more business sales. Valuation, Contracts, Financing, and negotiations I can handle it all. Here are a couple of businesses we just agreed on: Placer Fleet Services and Ice Lounge Cryotherapy. Let’s talk! https://johnpyron.com/book-appointment/  

Negotiating Skills – Don’t Let Emotion Cost You $98,000

  Learning how to negotiate is one of the most important skills in life, whether it’s in business or convincing your kid to eat foods they don’t like (this I know from dealing with both of my sons when they were little). There are four golden rules you must follow if you want to get […]

Five Basic Principles for Effective Sales Management

Sales management is a challenging effort. On the one hand, you want to empower everyone. But on the other hand, you want to keep the legal department happy and ensure you keep everyone reined in enough to avoid over-promising or becoming non-compliant with any regulations. The following basic rules of sales management should keep everything […]

How to maximize your business

This week’s talk on the 10X Business Owner’s Mastermind call focused on what you need to do to maximize your business over the next four months and enter 2022 with a lot of momentum. The first thing I want to talk about is that it is September, the holidays are over. Now. Now you say, […]

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