Duties & Responsibilities of Sales Consultants

The job of a sales consultant can encompass many things, and the decision to hire a sales consultant is often wrestled with. As a business owner, you may know that your sales department needs help, but you aren’t sure what a sales consultant can do. Not only that but there are plenty of horror stories […]

The Ultimate Referral System

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a sales coach is: how can I generate leads? What’s new? What is working? Is this the most effective approach?  While there are multiple ways to generate leads, one of the best is leveraging current customers. Asking for referrals from your current clients/customers should absolutely […]

Business Prescriptions: Sales and Marketing Consulting

Sales and marketing strategies are crucial to the establishment and growth of any business because together, they encompass finding and reaching customers and then using methods by which products will be sold to those customers. Sometimes companies – especially new companies – need help in these areas because they are not quite in tune with […]

Why Sales and Marketing Consulting is Worth Your Investment

The nature of sales and marketing consulting is such that many professionals do not understand its true purpose. Since most sales forces are already operational and most marketing departments are already generating leads, consulting can seem like a misuse of resources. However, this is actually a great way to boost the capabilities of both your […]

How To Leverage Networking Events

How to Leverage Networking Events as a Lead Generation Strategy I am excited to discuss your goals, and challenges so we can fast-track your success. Book time on my calendar today. You can call me at (916) 765-2596, or email at jpyron@johnpyron.com. Make it a great day!

Why Write A Sales Plan?

As a business owner, you probably already have a business plan, marketing plan, and, hopefully, a One-Page Plan. So you may be wondering: why would I need another plan just for sales? A sales plan summarizes an individual sales campaign or effort and is not the same thing as a marketing plan, which is more […]

Find out how to attract more customers

If customers do not enter our business, we cannot sell, therefore, the first objective of any business, before selling, is to know how to attract more customers.   But getting more customers is not so simple, it requires being very clear about the strategic issues of your business and attending to many small details that […]

Are You Tapping Into the Full Potential of Your Network?

Every day, business owners are reminded that their network is the most important asset to their business. Social media, email marketing, networking events, and more indicate that who you know could be the difference between success and failure. But, the secret is in more than the numbers. It’s in more than who you know. It’s in how you utilize who you know.

How to Run Effective Prospect Appointments

First impressions are everything in business (and life.) Are you sure you’re making the right impression on your initial prospects calls or appointments? After running several businesses and coaching dozens of biz owners over the years, I have to say there are usually a few key elements missing. Here’s my rundown on how to run the most effective prospect appointments.

The 5-Step Unlimited Lead Generation System

Business revolves around systems. Whether it’s your hiring process, your sales call scripts, or your event planning process, a strong system is the make-or-break point of success. Lead generation, THE most important aspect of any business, is no different.

But before you can create a powerful lead generation system, you need to do a little mental check. What is your mindset around lead generation? Do you feel too much pressure over it? Do you drag your feet or cringe at the thought of being “salesy”? It’s time to clear that up with the truth about lead generation.

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