John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Complexity is your Enemy

In the last live call we had in our 10X Business Owners Mastermind Group we touched on a very important topic for everyone and that I always like to highlight to my clients. The fact that complexity can be our worst enemy.


On this occasion, we were accompanied by Michelle Calloway, owner of the company tec with heart, as well as being my social partner. Also, and like every Wednesday, the live call is in conjunction with my partner Alan Reeves.


Many entrepreneurs see as a business that invoices a certain amount per year, and suddenly they begin to scale quickly, and they wonder. How do they do that? Well, we will give you the secret.


The list:

Column 1

First, you must list the tasks you do, And if it is a company that has employees, and you want your employees to do this as well. So you should list here all the tasks, for example like sending emails.


That is column number one on the spreadsheet. In the template I’m sending you as a spreadsheet, just fill in the blanks on the spreadsheet, with step-by-step instructions. But the first column will be the task. 


Column 2

The second column refers to how much time per week you spend on this task. Calculate the time, so if you think that maybe you spend five hours a week on emails, you will only put five hours.


Now if you should be doing more in your business as an owner, it’s a completely different conversation.


Column 3

The next column is can I automate, delegate, or outsource this task? In this case, you only put a checkbox. Once you have this spreadsheet completely filled out, you can call it up based on this time column.


For example, he’ll tell you, there are 20 hours of things you do each week that you shouldn’t be doing and that you’re not good at. And that’s where you can look at it.

When you reach this point on the list and see that those 20 hours are not functional, you should ask yourself, can I hire someone? Can I automate it? Can I delegate it? Can I outsource it? That will give you your roadmap, literally for the rest of the time.


Are you looking to free yourself as a business owner and don’t know where to start? 

This is a great roadmap. That will serve you well, knowing now that for the rest of your entrepreneurial career, and if you teach this to your clients, they will love you. And that is going to create that adherence with your client.


Alan Reeves

My colleague Alan Reeves, in his participation, shared cybersecurity information. The first thing he explains is that we are not being aware that when we connect to any internet provider we are joining a network.


The Internet is a very murky place where there is everything, and people do not think about it. You can’t do that with your business. First, because the federal government requires certain businesses to have a filter, and second, no business should do without.


So, the conclusion of this is that every business owner must have a firewall to avoid any attack on their security or piracy.


Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or have a lot of computers, you need to make sure the technology is secure.


Michele Callaway

Our special guest shared her thoughts on business with us.


She tells us, if you want to stop surviving in a sea of ​​digital noise, the idea here is to start building your own island of success. That is, build a raft on that island so bright that you will attract all that is destined for you and more and will provide a safe place for others to follow and grow alongside you.


So the most infallible tool to contact your clients and achieve success is through the publication of content on social networks.


10X Business Owners Mastermind Group

We are meeting on a live call every week to share our knowledge with those entrepreneurs who are just starting the road to success. Do not miss the opportunity to participate, tell us your story or ask us for some advice.

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