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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Discover the best marketing tips for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is, without a doubt, one of the intense, challenging, and most rewarding decisions and activities that a human being can make. Transforming an idea and dream into a reality, in a company that bills and has an impact on other people is amazing, therefore, it is important to keep a series of marketing tips in mind.


Likewise, when we undertake the resources available to do the marketing they are not “exactly abundant” but very restricted because we are betting on cash flows to come.


The good news is that today it is perfectly possible (and with little investment) to accompany any undertaking from marketing to enhance its positioning and generation of demand. To do this, we have identified 4 marketing tips for entrepreneurs.


Marketing tips:

When you start creating a business model, the first thing that comes to your mind is the best way to attract the clients that will make your business grow. That is very good, every successful business can be measured in the number of sales made, but to achieve this we need to execute strategic actions and many have to do with Digital Marketing.


It takes a lot of time, effort, and using the experience of others to shorten the path to the success of your company.


Define your Buyer Persona

It is the first thing you should ask yourself before creating a marketing plan. It is useless to put together a business idea without first knowing who your Buyer Persona will be.


Many entrepreneurs believe that it is better to target an unlimited audience because that way they will have greater brand exposure. However, the more segmented your business audience is, the more loyal customers you will get.


The success of your brand does not depend on the number of consumers, rather the success will be due to customer loyalty, and how willing they are to recommend you.


One of the points that you must take into account to create the ideal customer profile is their demographic data. Aspects such as gender, age, location, purchasing power, and hobbies are relevant data that will reveal how you can adjust your offer to this type of audience.


Establish the differential value of your proposal

When you have already understood very well who your Buyer Persona is and what the behavior of your potential customers is like, another of the most important marketing tips is that you study the reason why they will decide to buy from you and not from others.


Sometimes the reason clients decide to stay with you is not for a tangible cause, i.e. a price, a promotion, etc. You can win customers by offering them an intangible benefit, which they do not immediately or consciously perceive. The simple fact of generating a unique shopping experience helps you to retain customers or that your product manages to connect with the emotions of the users.


Touching customer emotions can be more difficult, but in the long run, it means competitive advantage and market preference.


Determine a budget for your campaigns and action plans

There is no doubt that this is a piece of advice that you should have on your list as soon as you begin to execute your plan. It is understood that an entrepreneur when he starts has a tight budget and has to do tricks to meet his objectives without spending too much.


My recommendation concerning this point is that you establish clear objectives, this will give you an idea of ​​how much you can spend when you start your business.


Use content to connect with customers

Finally, this is the last of the marketing tips that you should know. Generating useful content for users and clients is a way of branding, without allocating a high budget.


With the benefits of inbound marketing and content marketing, many companies have decided to include it in their strategy, however, it is still observed that some do not apply the use of content correctly.


Nowadays it is essential to use content to educate the user, giving them information that they value as useful is key to converting them into recurring customers.


To get the content construction right, I recommend that you investigate what type of information the audience consumes, investigate what they need to know. Monitor social networks, they are great when you want to know what consumers are saying, what they like and what they don’t.

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