Effective sale
John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Discover the essential steps for an effective sale

Having an effective sale is one of the most worrying activities for professionals in this practice, it can always be a bit difficult at the beginning to attract good clients.


In fact, some people have a gift, a special charm that makes selling a simple transaction, but other people do not, they simply have talent and gifts for other things but sales are not their favorite weapon.


So if you are from the second group of people, what are you going to do? Are you going to give up thinking that you’re just not good anymore? Or do you want to learn how to make your sales effective even though you are not an expert?


These days, there are several sales techniques used to order and help the salesperson clearly state what your customer considers valuable and to help you have an effective sales conversation.


So to help you, today I give you the 5 steps necessary to achieve an effective sale.


Steps of an effective sale

Step 1. Listen, know and learn from the needs of your customers

There are still many freelancers who make the big mistake of thinking that they know exactly what their client needs, and then… why listen to them? Even if you have a supposedly effective sales solution ready for your client, it is a great idea to listen to what your client has to say.


Step 2. Validate if your solution is what the customer really needs

The first validation is yours. Can I help you with this problem? Am I really going to make a difference to this person? Are you my ideal client and would I like to work with him/her in the next few months?


 Sometimes a professional can make the mistake of “feeling rejected” because his client did not consider that the solution offered was valuable enough and therefore think that it was not an effective sale, when in fact if he had done a good analysis he would have realized that it was like that before offering it to the client.


Don’t be afraid to tell a potential client that you can’t help them or that you don’t think you are the best person to help them. Nobody likes to waste time, believe it or not, they will thank you.


Step 3. Offer a short and clear solution

By this, I do not mean that the solution is short, but your presentation. It is very common that when you come to this instance of telling your potential client about your solution you are met with great enthusiasm and a bit of nerve as well. 


So what happens is that you want to talk for a long time. If so, your client may have lost their attention in minute 3 but was kind enough not to show you. Does it look familiar to you? Surely you’ve ever been on the other side.


Now, once you’ve told him what you think is the ideal solution, let him ask you. Encourage your questions and inquiries. Don’t pester him with more and more information without letting him think, there is nothing that takes a customer further from an effective sale than this.


Step 4. Follow up

Most people are very busy and may not even remember that they have agreed to give you an answer. Other people just start their decision-making process and don’t go from there.


To achieve an effective sale, give him a call or send him an email, so you will know what he has thought or how his decision-making process has turned out.


However, you cannot become an insistent and annoying person either, but do not disappear from the map. Part of helping your client implement your solution is helping them with their decision-making process.


Step 5. Become independent of the result

Remember that some clients will say yes, others will say no. Reasons? Most will not have to do with you. This is not the time, the client does not consider it a priority, he is not so convinced, he is not willing to make the effort that it entails, etc.


And yes, it would be great for you if your potential client gives you an honest, clear answer and ends in an effective sale, but most of the time it is not.


Finally, the effective sale will take place by itself as you master these 5 steps and you, without a doubt, will feel much better.

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