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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Discover Top Small Business Marketing Tips

To promote a small business or a small company, you need totally different strategies than those used by large companies.


Small businesses are characterized by having a more personal relationship with customers and by having the ability to innovate more easily in their business model. These are two key points that you should take advantage of if your purpose is to gain ground from large companies.


Here are 5 marketing tips to help you grow your business and grow your customer base. Plus, the tips are quick and easy to apply, so you can get started today.


Marketing tips for your small business

1. Search better within your own network

You can often find the best clients within your own network. As you already know them, they will become your customers more easily.


Besides, in general, you can make more mistakes with these clients without leaving them, although this does not mean that you are going to make mistakes regularly with their acquaintances, on the contrary, you should always try to be better just for them.


2. Go to events (virtual)

As seen in the first tip, a broad and strong network is very important. By attending relevant events, you will meet potential clients, whom you can convert into clients directly or add them to your small business network (and who later become clients).


It’s also a great way to start a conversation about your services. Don’t forget to bring your small business brand to every event. This ensures that others can see your logo while looking professional and prepared.


3. Make sure your small business goes live

Do you have your own business premises? So it’s an ideal way to draw attention to your small business. When people can walk around, you can get noticed and get potential customers to visit you. For example, use banners and flags with your print to make your building stand out on the street. You will notice how you become highly visible to your potential clients.


4. Use social media

Today, social media for your small business is invaluable. You can easily reach your target group and remind customers that you are excited to see them. So be sure to post updates related to your business, a live video, or a photo worth sharing on your network. When ten of your friends share your post, you often reach thousands of people for free.


However, do you want to get more attention? Host a contest or giveaway. This will encourage people to commit to your small business by liking and sharing your post, as well as tagging their friends for a chance to win a freebie.


The best advice: schedule your posts on your calendar and be prepared to reply to comments, don’t leave any unanswered.


5. Get closer to your local target audience

80% of small businesses have a local target group. Knowing that your target audience is in a small geographic area makes marketing much easier and cheaper.


Therefore, you do not have to address people who do not belong to that area. So you have time on the local target group that matters. When you know where your target group lives, door-to-door mailing is a very effective marketing strategy when using promotional printing.

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