Attract more customers
John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Find out how to attract more customers

If customers do not enter our business, we cannot sell, therefore, the first objective of any business, before selling, is to know how to attract more customers.


But getting more customers is not so simple, it requires being very clear about the strategic issues of your business and attending to many small details that add to the customer’s perception.


The key point to attract more customers

The key to attract more customers is based on two fundamental aspects that you have to master if you want to be successful in your business.


First, you must know your clients very well, since identifying and defining your ideal client is essential for you to be attractive and relevant. 


Also, you have to clearly define what is the differential value that you bring to that client and know how to communicate it in the form and means that best suit them.


So, having these two aspects very clear, the number of tactics you can use to attract more customers is very wide.


Strategies to attract more customers

There is no doubt: a solid customer base is essential for the success of any small or medium business, so below I will give you the strategies you need to attract more customers effectively.


Know your business 100%

How to attract more customers is much easier when you know your sector and have a deep knowledge of your product. You will be a reference for your clients if you show them everything you know about their problems and expose the effectiveness of the solutions offered by your product or service.


Turn your business into the answer to your customers

Always make sure to contact your customers with a good reason to try your services. This is very necessary if your intention is for them to become loyal customers.


That is, simply offer something of value and position yourself as an expert in the field. You do this when you use powerful sales speech when calling, creating content for blogs, webinars, guest articles, etc. With this, you learn how to attract more customers based on your skill in solving their main problem.


Identify who and where is your ideal customer

It’s easier to attract more customers if you know the types of consumers you are looking for. Without an idea of ​​what you are looking for, it will not be possible to know where to start.


Therefore, defining a clear image in your mind of who you are addressing should be a priority to understand how you can make them happy and their lives easier. When you meet your ideal customer, it is your turn to recognize the places where they can be found and create specific messages for them.


Likewise, the search for your prospects will depend on the nature of your business. You can start on Internet forums or social media pages. Pay special attention to those sites that offer products and services similar or complementary to yours. Networking sessions, conferences, or events in your sector are also useful to find clients who identify with you.


Be Honest

In an age where anything goes to sell, consumers are eager to buy products and services based on the philosophy and honesty of the company. To achieve this there is nothing like active listening to your most loyal customers.


Use the magic word

“Free” is one of the most powerful words you will find. Giving away some of your products and services does some very interesting things for your business:


  • Communicate your existence.
  • It lets you know that your offer is accepted and that it really works.
  • You can check if your potential customers appreciate the value of your product/service.

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