John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

General Business Expenses And Administrative Costs

You’ve been working hard to grow your business. We understand that it can be expensive to invest in yourself and not have any available cash flow. In this week’s 10X Business Owner’s Mastermind Group video call, we advise direction and education that will help you be more successful with your business and your money.

What are general business expenses?

Now you know that overhead expenses are the necessary operating expenses of your business and that your employees are technically an operating expense. While you want to invest in your business by growing, you don’t want to drown in a pile of money you can’t spend. A good general business expense is hiring out of a certain task.

“This is a great way to cut costs by asking your employees to do work that needs to be done without you, but still receive their full salary.” — Doug Rosenberg

Lazy people aren’t creative. Today, we tend to have an attitude that we want to do the work ourselves. If you find yourself with a dead computer in your office or a lack of tools, you’re probably not the only one. Do you really want to be a number one slave of the industry? What’s the point?

How do I figure out what my monthly expenses are?

This is the number that you need to get down to and put in your business budget. How do I know what to lower? This is going to depend on how far your business is from the corner. It’s easy to figure out which of those expenses are going to make the biggest difference and which you can simply eliminate.

Determining Your Goal What is your goal? How much do you want to make? What’s the payback period? Your goal is going to dictate how much to cut. Ideally, you want to get to a point where you can live without it. That’s where you want to be. Let’s say you’re making $25,000 and you want to start generating $150,000 in revenue and $15,000 in profits. At this point, your goal should be to cut all of those expenses so that you can reach your goal.

What are the biggest expenses for most businesses?

There are four general expenses that most businesses encounter and we cover those, including a helpful tip on how to save money: General Expenses Insurance – this includes health, auto, property, and business liability insurance Business Loan – you should have some funds for business loans in case of emergencies and growth Purchasing – such as groceries or office supplies Professional Services – such as accounting, legal, business coaching, and other skill development Notice that all of these expenses should be in order to have a truly healthy business.

If you’re starting a business or just need to be consistent in your finances, it might be wise to hire a Certified Financial Planner who specializes in working with small businesses to guide you through the process.

How do I get more money for a business?

Do I need to spend money on something to generate more? Yes. But how much more do I need? What should I spend it on? How much should I spend it on? This week’s video call will answer your questions, and show you how to get your business more cash. To get started, go to The10X podcast to listen in the stream or watch it on Youtube.


The most important thing to do is understand your general costs as a business owner. Being aware of what you spend allows you to make better decisions with your cash flow. If you do not understand how your business operates, you will be unable to grow and grow successfully. In this episode, we’ll discuss various costs and ways to reduce and ultimately eliminate unnecessary costs.

By having an understanding of your general costs, you will have a clear goal of what your business can and cannot do. If your goals are not met, you can take steps to better meet those goals. If your goal is met, you can continue to improve your business without having to make costly investments that are not needed.

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