Get Leads Using Facebook Marketing
John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Get More Leads with Facebook Marketing

I often get asked how to generate leads from Facebook.
Facebook is a social media platform, meaning, you got to get into a social
conversation beyond, “this is who I am, and this is what I can do, and I’d love
to come out and do it for you.” Nobody cares about that crap.

Let me be completely honest and upfront with you, until you
add value to somebody else, until you help them get value out of your message.
They don’t give a rip about what you’re saying to them. Think about this. Every
one of us belongs to Facebook Groups.

Ask yourself, “what can I add of value to the group
that has standalone value without them ever having a conversation with
me?” Make a short selfie video that is specific to that group where you
can add value.

An Example

I’m a business coach, so one of the ways I can add value to
groups on Facebook is giving business tips. I cut a short selfie video on how
to increase your revenue and drop it in the group.

What that’s going to do is:

  1. Add Value to The Group – People in groups want
    to learn how to increase their revenue.
  2. Increase My Visibility: People are going to
    like, comment on, and share the video, getting me in front of a wider audience.
    One way to get comments is to ask a question in the video.

Whenever you post a video, write a quick paragraph stating,
here’s the value of this video, and ask for input. Send a friend request to
everyone who comments on your post. Then, create a friend’s list and add them
to it. Then, next time you post something on a similar topic, you can post it out
to that list, and it will show up in their feed.

Another great way to make connections is to send a message
to those who interact with your video. Don’t immediately pitch these people.
Ask about them and who they are, what they do, and why they do it. When you
show interest in them, they’re going to be interested in you.

Go out there and provide value to five Facebook groups today! Start with mine here.

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