John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

How to Achieve Financial Freedom in Your Business

Did you start your business with the ultimate goal of achieving financial independence and freedom? Now, many years later, you have built a company with a few employees, but you are nowhere near attaining financial freedom. I have experienced this many, many times, and I have watched my coaching clients experience it, too.

One of the things I have learned is in order for me to achieve the freedom I need, want, and deserve in my business, I have to have the right team in place, the right mentors in place and I have to set up systems to continuously help my employees grow and become better. Let’s face it. The only way you are ever going to achieve freedom in your business is through other people.

The challenge is, how do you find the right people? Maybe you already have a staff. How do you evaluate them and put them in the right seat on the bus so they can be extremely happy in their roll? The last two businesses I built, I systematized them, so I only had to show up for about five hours a week. This is why the company that bought them paid what they did.

What I learned is that to achieve freedom, you have to:

  1. Find the right people
  2. Assess their strengths
  3. Help them create a one-page plan for themselves
  4. Mentor them in a way that they can own their job and that part of my business

You want each of your employees to operate as small business owners for their part of your company. By doing that, you are going to achieve what very few business owners achieve — your own personal and financial freedom.

If this sounds great for you, and you are interested in knowing more about it, I highly recommend you set up a 10-minute call with me. I can discuss your specific business and help you find the right talent, assess them, create a strategic plan for each person in your company, decide how to mentor them, motivate them, and hold them accountable for their results.

Make it a great day!

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