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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

How to attract customers when you start your business

Starting a business from scratch requires a lot of effort. But, after starting your project, you have to do the most difficult thing about a new business, attract customers.


Since, no matter if your product or service is innovative, customers will not fall from the sky. A new brand always generates mistrust, for this, you need your company to start gaining recognition. But do not be scared, with a good strategy those interested will not take long to arrive.


Below, you can get some tips that will help you propel your company towards success, and thus you can attract customers to your new company.


Take advantage of social networks

“If your business does not have a presence in networks, it does not exist”, is what is currently said in digital media. Therefore, it is important that you first analyze which networks work best for you according to your target audience. When your networks are operational, share not only information about your products, but also trends or tips. Of course, do not forget to ask your acquaintances to spread the information.


Remember that this, in addition to being an effective way, is one of the easiest to attract customers.


Run an email marketing campaign

Email marketing refers to the massive sending of advertising information by email, in a personalized and direct way. This is an ideal alternative for those who offer products or services to companies. However, remember that the design of the email must be attractive and completely interesting for it to have the effect you want.


Customize your offer to attract customers

You must remember that when starting a new business you have to offer a bonus that makes you stand out from the competition and you can attract customers.


Thus, personalizing your offer will help you attract customers in a way that you could not imagine. I recommend that you adapt the identity of the product or service to the needs of your client, this will make new clients begin to trust you.


Offer gifts and discounts to attract customers

You should know that just as gifts always have a positive effect on people, it also happens with customers in business. They prefer places where they feel good, and gifts are a good way to generate that feeling.


This does not mean that you have to give expensive gifts, but it does mean to offer something additional to your product to make your offer more attractive and your business looks irresistible. Likewise, discounts during the first months are another attractive way to attract consumers.


Use PPC to generate leads

Use PPC if you want to:

  • Get immediate results and a spike in traffic in a very short time, for example, during the launch of products or seasonal offers.


  • Target highly interested recipients. PPC also allows you to narrow down your prospects based on their demographics. That is, you can define which potential customers you want to see your ads, which provides you with very high-quality leads.


  • Try new things. Try it out with new products or offers and see how people react without investing too much. If you see that it works, go ahead and create a campaign through your various marketing channels.


Use Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, someone recommends your product. However, whenever a purchase is made based on a recommendation, the person who made it is rewarded. In its more traditional forms, the affiliate market was established between partners. Every time an associate sends you a new client, they receive a commission.


Likewise, modern affiliate marketing consists of placing banners and URLs on partner websites. By using a tracking URL, you will have a perfect overview of all the traffic and sales you get via the different promotional techniques you use. This technique is similar to Google Display Advertising, but the difference is that you choose the partners instead of having to do so at Google’s discretion.

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