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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

How to expand your service offerings

Today I want to tell you about everything we discussed during our live call session this week with technology and business expert Alan Reeves. So we take a common problem and solve it together so that it is clarified.


The Problem

You have presented to your customer base, a certain product, and certain services or price level, and then you see that you probably need to provide elevated services, how to expand your service offering to cover some things that they may have done that they could not necessarily do?

The right question would be, if you have existing clients, they are paying the money in a monthly recurring advance for your services, and there are other services that you have identified that they can benefit from, how can you address them?

Let’s use an analogy, you are selling a car, for a flat fee, and it is a very good deal. And then sell the car. After selling the car, and getting to know this client a bit, you suddenly realize that they live in the sticks and have to cross a stream to get to his house. And so they really do need an all-wheel drive with good torque, and that doesn’t necessarily fall within the $ 749 offering. It really comes down to how you package it and how you actually present it.

Once you have a customer, and especially if they are a repeat customer, they buy from you over and over again, you want to start looking, what else does this customer need? And what else does this customer buy? That I can add to my services, which is what their cases can get into that client and my goal.

I learned it in 2001, the client took probably 21% of my commission. It was a very painful lesson. And the only reason I lost the customer is because I only had my IT services there. I had every opportunity to do what I am talking about right now. But I got lazy with the relationship. And I lost the customer and I deserved to lose, to lose the customer looking back, it was painful and I was angry.

What I learned, though, is that if I can get six other services there or six other provider partners at theirs, at that point I own the relationship.

Therefore, never lose sight of the fact that you are the owner of the business. And when you talk to your customer, they are the owners of the business.


The second sale

The second sale is the easiest sale to make when you are in the deal at the beginning. So that’s number one. Never miss out on the second sale you can make when you are closing your initial deal.

Get the initial deal. Signed, sealed first. But once the initial deal is signed, if you know there are other services that they would buy, you say why don’t we add this?

For example, they go to work on the final paperwork, and you say would you like that Bluetooth, you know, the system that he puts in the car, is it just an extra $ 185? Just add that. And so you keep adding stuff, that’s how you get that second sale.

So, you know, it’s easy to make a strategy to establish sales of two or three seconds in the beginning. But when you find yourself in a situation where you already have an existing customer who is already purchasing the service, you have to have a more persuasive conversation.

Most of the time, your customers will say yes, because they already have a trust factor with you.



For all business owners, it is important to maintain trust with our customer, that we can call him and say: Hey, I came across this new piece of technology, I came across this new service, I thought to you first, it will benefit you dramatically.

For more business advice, I invite you to join our weekly live calls, where you can share your experiences and learn from the experts. And if you need advice, do not hesitate to call me.

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