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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

How to manage your business and make it grow

Knowing how to manage your business seems difficult and completely challenging. It could even be more complicated if the career you studied is not related to administration.


But this should not be an excuse for you not to grow your business or start making that great business idea you have in mind a reality.


Business administration seeks to guide the management of a company or small business as much as possible.


Now, the reason why you should be interested in learning how to manage your business is because of its importance in achieving success. Remember that a successful business administration allows the sustainable growth of the company, the use of resources, and progressively improves processes.


Tips to manage your business

Keep an orderly record of expenses and sales

If you are wondering how to manage your business, you must have clear accounts from the beginning. Therefore, always strive to have an orderly and up-to-date sales report.


Besides, this will help you to know if your company is being sustainable based on the results you register. And the most important thing is that it will be easier for you to show expenses and sales for the tax return. One of the biggest headaches when running a business.


Control your inventory

When it comes to managing your business, a basic aspect of it is having an inventory. Therefore, if your business is dedicated to the sale of products, you will need to continuously control and monitor your inventory. By this, we refer to the amount of stored products, which are available to sell.


What if I don’t have an inventory? If you do not have it, shortage problems may arise and, consequently, losses may occur due to not making sales. Thus, inventory plays an important role when you have to run a business.


Learn from the experts

If your challenge is to learn how to run a small business, it is best to observe the great entrepreneurs in the world and learn from their actions. Many of them have written business running books, recounting their journey to becoming successful entrepreneurs. Also, these could be very useful and inspirational for you.


Likewise, you can learn to manage your business with online courses.


Stay updated on the actions of the competition

Even though you get the secret on how to successfully raise your sales, you cannot lose sight of your competition. You must constantly benchmark when managing your business. This will help you to know how other companies in the same field or sector are doing.


Besides, it will contribute to the emergence of interesting ideas that will help you overcome them and differentiate yourself. Therefore, seeing the actions of your competition will be useful for your strategy and to apply your actions when managing a business.


Use agility to run an efficient business

The agile culture is a pillar that should reign in your business. This will allow you to optimize all your efforts under a context of high uncertainty. Because if mistakes do happen, working in an agile framework will allow you to make mistakes quickly and with fewer wasted resources.


Therefore, to apply an agile culture to your business, you can train your team in agile methodologies to improve their productivity or you can establish agile work systems, where your business is organized based on it.


Likewise, agility has helped many large companies to stop working traditionally and has increased their results considerably, because it encourages a more collaborative culture. Therefore, if you wonder how to manage a business, do not stop considering agility as a transversal method in your company.


Don’t close yourself to the new

In the midst of such a changing context, it would be a big mistake not to want to stay ahead. Therefore, make sure your business is not left behind.


Companies that stay current with innovation are more valued and present a customer experience that produces great sales and loyalty. Also, this makes your business stay relevant and increases its positioning.

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