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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Increasing Results in the 2nd Half of the Year!

We are coming up in the summer months of this year, and the tendency of many business owners is to go into vacation mode while the kids are out of school. My suggestion is to NOT fall into that trap but to take advantage of the competition instead, resting on their laurels. This could be your opportunity to really run laps around them and end the year strong.

So now I want to invite you to review what you’ve done so far this year, what has worked, what hasn’t, and what you can do to make the second half even better than the first. My suggestion is to schedule 1-2 hours on your calendar to run through these three steps I am about to lay out.

1. Improve Your Mindset

The first thing to do during this 1-2 hours is look back at everything you’ve done thus far in the year. Ask yourself what you could improve on and make a list. Then decide on which ONE of those things you want to focus on improving for the next quarter. Then, dedicate the next three months to working on it – learn everything you can and practice to improve.

For example, your ONE thing could be lead generation. So, during the next three months, you want to read books and blogs, listen to podcasts, attend workshops online or in person, and generally absorb as much information as possible about improving lead generation and then put what you learn into practice. Do this for a few months, and you will be astonished at how amazing the results are.

2. Create a Success Schedule

This is one of the most important aspects of measuring and improving your results in business and one I have written about and spoken about at length. I highly suggest you check out both the blog post and podcast I have on setting a success schedule for yourself.

It cannot be stressed how important this step is. It may actually require an hour all on its own because it will pay dividends over and over for years to come.

3. Set Up a Success System

Remember that success leaves clues, and we can use these clues to build repeatable systems for ongoing success. One such system that I teach all of my clients is the Baseline Strategy.

To create a Baseline Strategy, write down what you earned last month. Then, write out all of the things that you did that month that produced that result. It could be anything from 25 sales calls to 6 speaking engagements to passive revenue from online programs. This is your current baseline.

Then ask yourself what one thing you can add to your baseline to get a better result. For example, you might think of running a monthly webinar, or increasing your speaking engagements, or even creating a new product or service.

Then again, absorb as much information as possible to learn and implement this new thing into your business. At the end of the next month, do the baseline check-in again and see where you are before looking to add a new strategy.

Success is all about knowing where you are. Having a keen insight into yourself, your business, and your staff so that you can correctly maneuver to the next level of growth.

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