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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Know the 5 main habits to be economic success

The tougher the economy the greater the opportunities, but only for those who are strong, persistent, and well prepared. Many people are obsessed with the changes it presents- be it national and international – and wait for a magic bullet only to realize that it will never come.


We are now in what I like to call a “eat what you kill” environment, where the people who win are the ones who take the initiative, without waiting for permission to create their success.


Here I bring you the 5 main habits to make economic success simpler and easier to make.


  1. Leverage with attitude

Take advantage of the things that happen to you that, although it sounds strange to you, are situations that come to you so that you can take advantage of them. It all depends on your attitude. If life gives you an experience that you qualify as difficult, it will be so.


For example, do not be predisposed to qualify situations as negative. Let’s say you have not been able to create your website as you wish, do not say “I was not able”, on the contrary, think how I can take advantage of this situation.


What do I need to learn to overcome this obstacle?


As you seek to learn new doors, you are open to broaden your knowledge and meet people who will help you on your entrepreneurial path.


  1. Stay motivated

To follow the path that you propose, you need to have a very high level of motivation. If you find those reasons that motivate you, that is, the reason for what you do, there is no one to stop you.


If you can’t find them, make an effort to get out of your comfort zone. That is the only way to create true motivation for yourself. Get to a point where you force yourself to be successful and give yourself reasons to fight.


Strong motivation makes you act. If your economic situation is so hard, I assure you that you start to find the way out of your situation.


  1. Watch your mouth

Language is the expression of what exists in your brain, whether conscious or unconscious.


It is important to have your language clean and positive in addition to connecting the language with your mission.


When you have identified why you came to this world, it is your mission. Know exactly your reason for being here. When you are clear:


*What do you like to do.

* What do you do better than others (your talent).

* How it helped others.


The lack of mission leads you to doubt and not know what to do so that the rivers of abundance reach your home.


When you put your reason for being in terms of benefit to others, I assure you that the doors open to you. You are not alone in this world, you come to help while your profits grow.


  1. Learn about financial education

It is not just learning how to handle money. Then after learning the basics, go on to learn financial harmony. Become a vehicle of abundance by understanding the psychology of money.


What is the psychology of money? It is the relationship between your feelings and fears about money and how your emotion handles them. In the end, if your feelings towards money are not positive, you do not obtain economic abundance.


It refers to your beliefs, associations, and commitment to money and how they shape your future to financial abundance.


  1. Be disciplined

Discipline is what makes you achieve your goals coupled with perseverance. Discipline Brian Tracy calls it the pillar of achievement.


Discipline is what ensures that you do not abandon what you start, and I remind you that if you have discovered the why and why of what you do, there will be no one to stop you in your achievements.


As you can see, these 5 habits to create economic success are not the most common or the ones our parents taught us. Yet they are powerful.

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