John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Learn to improve the image of your company with these tips

Given the increasing difficulty of differentiation of products and services, and considering that the life cycle of many products is increasingly shorter, managing the image of your company becomes a fundamental strategic aspect in the race for space in the market.


Nowadays, having a strong brand implies having credibility in the market, having the trust of consumers, and creating great difficulty for the competition to “imitate”.


That is why today I want to give you some tips that are of great help when improving the image of your company and that you can apply from now on.


Tips to improve and boost the image of your company

Create solidarity campaigns

Solidarity campaigns are very attractive to identify the image of your company, especially within a local market. When this happens, the local media, such as televisions or newspapers, turn to report what it consists of and how it has been carried out. 


It is very common to create on dates close to Christmas food or toy collections in which not only the members of the company can participate, but everyone who wants it, getting them to see the most supportive face of your company, something that will turn heads for the better and your fame as a company will grow.


Your story and that of your company may be of interest

This is something that few companies do, but that can silently make a change in the image of your company.


On many occasions, our efforts are rewarded and we have the possibility of realizing the dream of creating the project we have in hand. This story of overcoming and illusion is something that sells a lot, being able to be published in many magazines or newspapers, first choose to tell it in the media closest to you and then expand your views a little and reach the whole country and then, who you know, to the world.


Advertising of your company

The advertising of your company must be attractive, but according to what you are offering. You should take advantage of any moment to project your brand and the image of your company, being able to do it for example with rubber stamps.


Street Marketing

When I talk to you about Street marketing, I mean all that advertising that will take place outside the doors of our company and that will help to bring potential customers closer to what we offer. It can be said that it is a kind of open house day but in a big way, since we have to go out, always asking permission from the authorities, to organize some kind of special event that will publicize the company in a big way.


Keep up to date

As I have mentioned before, people must have news about you and your company. It is perfect that if you create a solidarity event, or of any other type, they know that you are organizing it, helping the image of your company to expand.


Be flashy

It is essential that the image of your company attracts attention, but that it be news for all the good it does and may surprise. Today this is needed, as it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to be surprised.


Improve your social networks

Currently, social networks are a great boost to all companies that have just started, but also those that already have their site on the market. Use them wisely and you will see how it improves the image of your company.


Boost your website

When a person hears your name or that of your company, it is normal for them to go online to find if you have a web page. This space is a perfect cover letter for you, so you should have it well optimized so that it can reach more people.

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