John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Legal Obligations Every Small Business Owner Should Know

During this week’s call from the 10X Business Owner’s Mastermind, we had a special guest named Wesley Henderson, an excellent attorney developing a program he told us about.


Small Business Owner Legal Program

First, he runs a law firm with his brother in Charleston, South Carolina. And one of the essential things that motivated them to open his law firm was working with the business owners. Their motivation was that his mother had a business, as did his grandfather. And so they can get a good reward for working and helping business owners solve their problems.

Since they started they help people to start their business, LLC, get contracts, etc., likewise, a lot of General counseling with some of his most important clients, we sell businesses, we buy some of those transactional jobs.

But they still like working with the kind of new entrepreneur who starts their own business, that kind of family business. And one of the ways they’ve been able to do that while making a startup budget work is by creating another company called Drafted Legal that LLC does.

This is essentially prepackaged legal services with some explanation for them. So they have created this program to be very easy and understandable. And more personalized, based on the industry, everything is written by lawyers.

Even right now they are doing it more nationally, they do it a lot locally with local businesses using it for LLCs, templates, and that sort of thing. So really, your goal is to make it the best and easiest service. And they keep doing that constantly, for someone who wants to start a business and doesn’t know what to do. They walk you through some of the things like your website, PDF, lead magnets, and all the things that can teach people how to get things done.

So they see a lot of the same kind of mistakes, how people handle disputes, if they have certain clauses, like prevailing clauses of the parties in their contracts to give you a little more. Therefore, they try to design this program around that smaller businessman, who does not have the budget for the lawyer but wants to do it.

So that’s what the legal business type is written for. He also talked about the lawyer’s disclaimer as one of the reasons he likes these other businesses as he doesn’t have to have the lawyer explain the disclaimer stuff.

What they are trying to do with the legal draft is chart a path that people must follow. Then you will hear when I am in your lawyer hat, it is, well, it depends, I got to know more because it has nuances.

Just like your jobs, you need to know more information to tell someone what to do. And so it is. So with this, what they are trying to do: prepack something that is secure and removes the fundamentals.

So with this, the first thing to consider is that the laws in every state change. Therefore, you must know about the laws that govern you and your business before anything else.


Finish 2021 Strong Workshop

Next week, we are going to do a phenomenal webinar that will help us finish this year strong. And the key is to finish the year strong, entering December with a lot of momentum.

My goal every year is to teach people how to do this, as they have a full schedule of goals to meet throughout the year starting in January. So when you go on vacation, you are not doing what others are doing, you are trying to figure out what they are going to do during the third week of January, you are going to grow.

With that said, go out there and make it happen. Participate this September 22 at 1:30 PST in the webinar that will help you finish the year like a champion.


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