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John Pyron, "The Business Doctor", Presents...
The Coaching Business Mentorship Program
A Quick Message From John...
Dear Coaches,
Did you know there are thousands just like you who are "certified" coaches, yet are struggling to find clients, get noticed, and make a profit? That a majority of coaches simply give up and return to their "regular job" within 1 year? Maybe you've even felt the frustration and considered giving up as well.

I hear ya!!!

I know just how frustrating it can be to pour your heart, soul, and savings account into becoming a coach because you genuinely believe you can help others, only to have nowhere to turn once you've gotten that coveted certification. I've heard it time and time again, and I've had my own struggles in my coaching practice. Here's the big problem:
Most coaching programs do not adequately prepare their students for the business world.
Sure, they may provide you with fantastic training in guiding and helping a multitude of clients, and they may provide some of the best insights to human emotions and thought processes imaginable, but what good is all of that if you can't put it to practical use when you've completed the course? How do you use all that you've learned to create a thriving coaching business rather than a simple hobby? 

That is the missing piece of the puzzle that the Coaching Business Mastermind will give you.
What would happen to your coaching business if... 
  •  You had access to a 6-month intensive program specifically designed to help coaches explode their business? 
  •  You could learn proven strategies in marketing, systems, sales, and the mindset necessary for coaching success?
  •  There was a way for you to connect with other coaches to exchange ideas, tips, and even leads for an entire year?
Sounds like a good start, right? 
Now imagine this program not only had all the proven business systems and strategies, but also the accountability, networking, structured mentorships, and coaching you could ask for. 

How would your business look if you were part of an intimate support team where everyone was dedicated to your success? More importantly, what would your life look like?
The Coaching Business Mentorship Program is a comprehensive and strategic 6-month program designed to help you to WIN in your business and life.
Here's a brief look at what you'll get as part of the program:
Immediately Address Problems
Immediate insight to address problems in your business with a proven hands-on approach that actually works.
Fortify Your Business Plan
Reveal weaknesses in your current business plan so you are clear on what gaps need to be filled immediately. 
Access to Better Tools
Access to better resources, technological expertise, networks, and the best business strategies known to the group. 
Quarterly Intensives
1 full-day, in-person intensive once a quarter, in which the group will get together to learn, ask questions, and build on what they've gotten from the program.
One Page Plan
Each member will receive a 4 hour 1-on-1 strategy session with John to get their One Page Plan done before the first two-day intensive.
Monthly Mastermind Calls
There will be a monthly group mastermind call in which John will drive the conversation topic, but each caller will have a chance for Q&A and coaching.
Practical Business Advice
Overcome the challenges of being an entrepreneur, and discovering exactly how to get busy enjoying what you do in business, so that success and wealth follow. 
Accelerated Growth
Save years of wasted trial and effort, thousands on useless "tools", and leverage the power of the mentorship to rocket ahead of your competition and quickly reap your returns on investment. 
Ongoing Support
Even after the mentorship period is over, you will have access to the private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, provide advice, and network with other John and other program alumni.
...plus so much more.
If you've been waiting for a sign, this is it. If you've thought about getting a coach or mentor yourself, but can't justify the cost, this is the perfect solution.

"But what's the catch?"

That's a good question. In my years, I have mentored and coached hundreds of business owners and I've gotten really good at figuring out the most important ingredient of success: commitment. Because I know commitment is so very important, I only want to fill this mentorship program with committed coaches who are ready to do what it takes to get their business off the ground or growing at an accelerated rate. 

This is not a passive, "go at your own pace" program. This is not another online course for you to invest in and then leave sitting for months or years. In this program, we will all be actively working towards growth, progress, and the realization of our goals. Because of this, I would like to have a conversation which each and every applicant before they're accepted to the program. 
If you're ready to take the next step to grow your coaching business, schedule a 15-minute call with me using the button below. It's free, and we will use the call to determine where you are, where you want to be, and if you are a perfect fit for the program.
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