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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Networking: A Lead Generation Strategy

It can be overwhelming to run different revenue-producing and lead generation strategies simultaneously. Often, handling numerous business activities can cause us to lose our focus. While it can sometimes help generate more sales, it can also negatively affect the quality of your work. Even if it is what you do best.

One of the most basic actions that will generate leads is making a phone call with the intention of setting an appointment. While the ultimate goal is closing a deal, the process of making the contact and building your list of prospects is crucial to your success. You can’t close deals without a list of contacts to offer your services to!

 Is Your Lead Generation Approach Making Actual Sales?

 Ask yourself this: Is what you’re doing right now making you an actual buck? If it’s not, the answer is simple. Don’t do it. There is no point in wasting your time on things that will not provide value to your current clients, or make your potential customers realize why they need you.

 Wrong Motives

 If you’re planning to attend a networking event with the mindset that you will merely end up with more leads than you came with, I’m telling you — you’re definitely doing it wrong.

Many people don’t see the value in networking events or networking in general. I am often asked why I participate and what good I get out of them. Networking is a great lead generation strategy; But only if we have the right mindset.

Networking events allow us to build more meaningful connections within strategic industries and provide the opportunity to establish better impressions of ourselves and the organizations we represent. Building these relationships with other professionals and taking the time to provide value to them and their businesses, not only earns trust and respect, but it also creates a walking, talking advertisement for your business and services. You are also more likely to receive valuable constructive criticism. Ultimately, networking helps us to improve our sales strategies, keep our product offerings relevant, and generate more leads over time.

networking as a lead generation strategy

Generating Leads Through Networking

 If you have been attending networking events hoping to increase sales, that’s fine – we all want to increase sales.

However, if you want to make the most out of each event you go to, you’ll have to think beyond simply expanding your contact list.

A long list of qualified leads is merely a roster if you don’t have the skill or motivation to set an actual appointment. Statistically, it takes approximately twenty-one calls before a person can set an appointment. While this process is necessary, it is a lot of time spent chasing something we’re not sure about.

When we only focus on spending countless hours on the phone trying to hit new sales targets, we are missing out on the opportunity to apply in-person strategies that is. Through networking activities, we are immersed in face-to-face conversations with other people. We get to interact with different people and personalities. We can adapt and learn how to best communicate with potential clients.

Other than counting on luck, there is no perfect formula to end every call with success. However, we can use our experiences networking to improve our skills in developing relationships and make better calls each time.

Gearing Up For A Networking Event

As stated above, networking events allow people to develop their lead generation skills. Being successful in closing a deal on the spot is just a bonus. The long term advantage is having an improved approach to generating leads.

If you have been thinking of turning your lead generation approach up a notch, then I can help you with sales coaching and training. With 30 years of experience, I can show you how much more there is to learn about sales, business, and lead generation. Let’s get started!

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