Get the Referral System I Used 
to Create 3 separate $Million Businesses From Scratch
Over the last 26 years, I've built 7 different companies (3 of them from $0 to over $1M in annual sales). On these 5 videos, I am going to teach you step-by-step the 3 referral systems I used, and continue to use today, so YOU can create as many referrals as YOU want!
Do You Have More Leads Than You Can Handle?
Or are you struggling each month to bring in new prospects and convert new clients/customers just to stay afloat?
What is a POI?
This POI Video Series Will:
  •  Explain what a POI really is and why they are so vital to the growth and success of any business.
  •  Show you exactly how to find and connect with POIs that are already in your network.
  •  Teach you how to approach POIs so that you don't come off salesy or sleazy.
  •  Give you a formula to keep new prospects coming to you month after month, so you never have to worry about struggling to find them again!
A Message From John Pyron
As an International Business & Sales Expert who's trained thousands of people across 10 countries, I'd like to share the best lead generation strategies I've used to build 7 companies from scratch in the last 25 years. This is the type of training that companies and entrepreneurs pay thousands of dollars for! Get your hands on these training videos now, before the opportunity is gone forever.
Don't Take My Word For It...
Here's what a few of my past clients have to say about me and my training.
Stop Wasting Time "Chasing" Leads
You know the struggle. Spending hours trying to identify, connect with, and nurture prospects just for a chance to earn their trust business. How much more productive could you be if you weren't spending all of that time and energy? What else could you dedicate yourself to that would actually GROW your business instead of just sustain it?

It's time you found out. It's time you stop spinning your wheels and actually move forward. 
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