John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Powerbase Strategy Call

On this week’s call, we had a special guest, Sonia Benson, who spoke in-depth about the Powerbase Strategy Call. And for starters, she gave us her personal opinion on it.

It’s a challenge to watch it between favorites and underdogs. Because of some of the names, I don’t even recognize them. And I remember people’s circumstances. So when I log in and look at her profile, I remember Oh, this is the one who did second. She says, Oh, this is the one who refused to pay her cards. But I don’t remember them like that by name because I have so many people. Some stand out.

So for that, she sorted them by people she saw. She went through to see who did well with their scores. So she tried to put people who were successful on the show. Well, they are people who will surely be pleasant to work with, since those who have not taken the course seriously have no sense of responsibility.

Indeed, the people who completed the process will be the ones who speak best of you. Now let’s see step by step, exactly how this works.

This system will work for the rest of your trading life. Not only in the credit repair business but also in the new business. So it’s a process, and it’s a system.

Step by step

Step one

Let’s pick up the phone and call them. Now you will pretend that I am the counselor and credit analyst, and Sonia is the person who accompanied me in the process.

Oh, hello.

Hey, is this Sonia? 

Yeah, it is. 

Hey, John Pyron. How are you?

I’m good. Hey, John, how are you doing?

Good. Hey, the reason for reaching out to you is I’m going to be doing a bunch of enhanced marketing campaigns and stuff in my business to attract more clients just like you. And so the reason for the call is a media list of all the people I’ve had the most success with and that I enjoyed working with the most, and you’re on that list.

Awesome. Okay. Well, I think I’m on that list.

So I need you to have about five minutes real quick. I want to ask you some questions that could really help me, to attract more people just like you. 

Okay, yeah, actually, yeah, I do have five minutes. 

So if you were in a position to refer me to a friend or colleague, would you refer me?

Yes, I would, I would definitely refer you.

Okay. And let’s just say you’re talking to that person right now. That you’re going to refer me to, what would you actually say about me?

Oh, my gosh.

How would you what would you say to them? What would you tell them? When you’re talking about me to them?

I will say that you were amazing. Oh my god, I found the knowledge that you gave me immeasurable, like I just a lot of the tips and tips you gave me. It made a big difference. And I would brag to people about how great my scores are right now I’m so excited about what I’m able to do because it just opened doors for me. So I would tell them that, and then you were friendly and fun to talk to monthly.

Anything else you would add to that?

Also, you held me accountable. Because there were times that I started slipping, and you were like, all right now, and I appreciate it.

So, I’m going to take these notes and put them in a paragraph. Would you give me a thumbs up so I can use it in marketing? Would you be okay with me using that in my marketing? I’ll just put his name if that’s okay with you. Or, if you have a business and want to put your first and last name and the name of your business, I’m going to do some marketing against this. And can I drive traffic to your business at the same time? Yes or no. I would appreciate it. Would you be willing to do that for me?

Yes, you can use it and actually do have a business. Oh, I would love for you to include my business information.

Alright, so I’ll send that to you this afternoon. And how are things with you by the way?

Things are good. We love the new house. We’ve gotten settled in, and the big brands come and check on me all the time. Things are good. We love it.

Awesome. That’s great. Since the last time we worked together, I’ve joined an organization called Love tip. They are a national organization, a referral group of small business owners. And I have access to about 4,000 people who have resources from any source I’ll ever need. Feel free to contact me first. Because chances are you have four or five vetted resources in whatever category you’re in.

Oh, yes, definitely.

And so what I’ll do is I’ll send you an email, inviting you to my extended what’s called my extended network. It’ll come from the tip, but it’s from me, and I will give you access to all the people I have personally vetted up to this point. Use any of their services. Feel free. Whatever I can do to help you out.

Got it. Okay, that Oh, that would be awesome. 

Have a wonderful day.

Thank you. Thanks. It’s good to hear from you. I appreciate you. Checking in on me.

Perfect. Bye.


Step Two/ Three

Step number two is to put this together, creating a paragraph. Link all these keywords in it. And I would send it, okay. And I would text, Hey, I just sent you that date.

So you send a text and say: Hey, I just sent you the appointment, which we redo because I get lost in spam. Today is Saturday; if I don’t hear from you on Monday, I’ll call you back on Tuesday.

Most of the time, they return it. But people take care. So if you have to call back and say, this is John Pyron again; hey, I sent you that email. Most of the time, they return it.

When you get it back, that’s fine, then you’ll call.

 Hi Sonia, John Pyron. How are you?

Hey, I’m good.

Hey, I just wanted to reach out to you personally and thank you so much for sending that quote back and giving me permission to use that in my marketing. Thank you so much.

Oh, you are welcome. I’m glad to be able to do that for you.

Hey, I want to send you something special. Let me check your address, your lane 123 Anywhere, Maryland, Is that still your current address?

Yeah, that is the address.

I’m going to mail you something today. And then, while we get you on the phone, you mentioned that if you were in a position to refer me to a friend or colleague, you would, by chance. Who do you have in mind?

Oh, let’s see. My cousin, as she’s having a hard time with her credit. So I think she can use your service.

What’s your cousin’s name?

Lisa Green.

Why do you feel she would be a good referral for me?

Because she’s been struggling, she’s having a hard time. She just mentioned to me that she’s having wanting she got the client for something that she was trying to get this loan and couldn’t go through. So I think she would use the information and improve her credit. I’ve been trying to tell her some of the stuff you told me, but I think she needs hands-on support.

Okay, all right. What’s the best way to reach out reach her? What’s your cell number? 


Okay. Great. So why don’t we do this? I’m going to send you an email that you can copy and paste, which would be a great introductory email. Okay. So if you can copy and paste that and send it to both me and Lisa, you’ll introduce us via email. All right, the email script for you. Okay, that way, it’s easy, but you’ll just copy and paste it. You know, would you be willing to do that?

Yeah, I would, actually. Yes. Thank you.

Yes. Anybody else? 

No, I don’t really think of anybody else right now. That’s the only person that can that comes to mind now.

Alright, no worries. So why don’t I do this? I’m going to send you my referral form. And it’s got some memory joggers in there. It explains exactly who I’m looking for, the type of person I’m looking for, and the type of company I’m looking for. I have four different slots for a referral. And every single one of those referrals is potential $25 for you. 

Oh, wow. 

I would imagine that one of your favorite people is Benjamin Franklin, especially when it’s on a $100 bill. So want to what I encourage you to keep this template and anytime you want a $100 bill or anytime you run across anybody you feel would be a good fit for me. Okay, fill out that form. Okay, once you get it filled out with four people you think will be a good fit for me. Not over to me, and every one of those people becomes my client. I’m going to send you 25 bucks in the fall forum and become a client of mine. I’m going to send you $100

Nice. Oh, I would love 100

And you can do this. I’m drawing me doing this for the next 1015 years. So anytime you want a $100 Bill, you feel free to refer people to me. The last thing, is there anybody I can refer to you? Is there any challenge for any client you’re looking for? Anybody I can refer to that can be a potential client for you or that can help you with any problem or challenge right now?

You know, yeah, I do have my basket company. So, anybody you know is looking for baskets; I’m getting ready for Father’s Day. So it would be awesome if I could get some folks on Father’s Day basket.

Do me a favor, send me some marketing blurbs, something I can share on my social networks, something I can share with my family, friends, etcetera, and I will make that happen today.

Thank you. All right. I will, I’ll send you my website.

Alright, I’ll send you the email that you can send to Lisa and me, and then I’ll follow up with you next week and let you know how that went.

Thank you. I appreciate that.


Step Four

Step number four is I want to craft that email introduction. Okay, I only have to do it once because now it will be a reoccurring script. Then send it to Lisa. 

Okay, I’ll text her again. Hey, I just sent it to you. And if I don’t get an email that comes to Lisa and me within 24 hours, I will follow up. Okay. Hey, did you get the email? Did you say out? Okay, most likely, they will send it out. Okay. I’m going to follow up. I’m going to walk you through the process. I will call you next week because I’m also going to send you that referral form I promised, right? So I’m going to send you my referral form. You take it, and you customize it to you and your business. Okay. Now, we’ve already talked and had a conversation that if somebody refers you a client, okay, for your credit repair business, you can give them 25 bucks as a referral fee if they become a client. 

Now, you have a system in place, so when I call her next week, I could have stayed on the phone with you and gotten five more referrals. I didn’t do that right because I wanted to prove myself with this one referral. I want to make it super safe and do it with this referral first. And that way, when I call you back next week, you will have already gotten my referral form and will have already thought about people. But more importantly, I’m going to rock and roll with Lisa and prove that I make you look great when you refer people to me. Importantly, if I convert Lisa into a client, when I call you back, where do I send the 25 bucks?. 

It’s next week; I’ve already followed up with Lisa Lisa became a client of mine. Or she didn’t, and now I’m following up with you again. Okay, so now you’ve answered the phone. 

Hey, Sonia, John Pyron. How are you doing?

Hey, I’m good. I’m good. Enjoying the sunny weather.

Awesome. Hey, did your drag your cousin Lisa, tell you what, what happened?

Yeah. Lisa is so excited. Yes. She told me. She told me she cannot wait for her scores to go up.

That’s awesome. Yeah, it was a joy and a pleasure. Thank you so much for the referral. She became a client, so I’ve got 25 bucks that need to get to you. Do you want me to do that via Cash? Venmo Zelle?

What do you prefer? Actually, okay, so then that will work for me

Alright, so I’m going to text you my Venmo link. And that way, you can text me back, and you can go into the Venmo app and be friendly there. And once we’ve confirmed that we’ve connected, I’ll send you the money. The other thing is, did you get that referral form?

I did. I’ve been working on it.

You were able to add some names to it.

I do. I have three people. So yeah, I’ve thought about some other folks.

So if you could find a fourth one to put on there and send that over to me, I’ll get to work on that. And I’ll work to get all those people signed up, and then I’ll send you $100

That will be exciting.

And I mentioned that I’m part of a tip. Are there any current challenges or needs or anybody I can refer you to to help you in any way, shape, or form at this point?

Yeah, we were looking for a landscaper for the backyard. So that would be. Yeah if you have land you know of a landscaper, we need to get that backyard together.

Alright, so what I’ll do is I’ll look at my network. And my goal would be to come back to you with three separate landscape people; I will call them personally and talk to them about you and that them for you. And that way, I can give you at least two to three people that you can look at, talk to yourself, and then make your choice at that point. 

That would be great.

Have a blessed day.


Referral system

Well, that’s the step-by-step system. Analyze that with the current list because you’re sitting on a gold mine when you walk through this process; if you just set a goal, contact five to 10 people daily. Well, outside of the list that you have, as you can see, these conversations could last five minutes. They could last 10 minutes. So I would set a goal to start small; starting unless you have a lot more time is fine.

You can call 50 in a day to get the conversations going. So this is called a power base referral system. And it will produce you a ton of referrals.


Why powerbase?

So power base is family, friends, relatives, clients, past clients, people that you went to high school with, people that, you know, were, you know, at your wedding, people that, you know, anybody and everybody that you have known personally, is considered a part of your power base. Okay? Because they fall into two categories, either they are a potential client, or they know of somebody who’s a potential client.

So we have a customer list of 800 people that you’ve narrowed down to probably 300 or 400. And that becomes a power base. The other power base is each person on their cell phone. So what I did was I took action immediately. I was on a mastermind call with Grant and several other people. And he gave us a task; he said, your cell phone, okay? Open your contacts. And start scrolling, and the first person you come across that you know remembers, hit dial. Do not think it.

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