John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Episode 07 – “Are You Selling with Blinders On?” with Special Guest Coach Chuck Hammond

Hosted By: John Pyron & Special Guest Coach Chuck Hammond

TOPIC: Are You Selling with Blinders On?
On this call, you will learn:
✮ What blind spots are and how to overcome them
✮ What priorities matter in sales
✮ How to create consistent results
✮ How to have more peace and joy in your life

About our Special Guest and Why you should listen to him:
✮ The People of Fairfield, CA elected him as their Mayor
✮ He’s Built a Successful Insurance Business for over 20 Years
✮ He’s been a Successful Coach for over 40 Years
✮ He’s a Member of the Sacramento Speaker’s Bureau

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