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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Running Your Business is a Game

I coach a lot of people. Most of the time my coaching is all about taking action. Running a business is like playing a professional football game. I tell my clients to play the game. Show up and play the game every day because running your business is a game.

A professional football game consists of four quarters. Sure, they take time outs, and of course, they have half time. But professional football players also practice and warm up before the game starts.

8-5 is Game Time

Game time is not the time to practice or warm up. You are just playing the game. Your game time is 8am-5pm. Split that up into four quarters. The only thing that matters during game time is revenue-producing activities. Here’s what each quarter of your day could look like:

  • First Quarter: Taking care of existing customers
  • Second Quarter: Running sales appointments
  • Third Quarter: Strategic meetings with joint venture partners
  • Fourth Quarter: Setting sales appointments to run the next day

Anything that I need to get done that is not part of those four activities, I do outside of game time. I create my scripts, handle lead generation, and plan out my days outside of game time.

If you treat your day as if you’re showing up to a professional football game you are going to get consistent results and you are going to win a whole lot more as opposed to those people who don’t show up.

Back in 1998, I had my first six-figure year. That was a big goal for me, but I discovered that once I hit that goal, getting there was not that hard. Work your butt off, and focus only on those four revenue-producing activities during the day.

So, warm up before the game. Send out 25 marketing touches — an email, a script, a text message, or a direct message to a prospect — before the game starts. Print out the list of the people you sent marketing touches to and call those people every quarter.  Running our business is a game and it is important that you play the game.

If you want more training on this, set up a 10-minute call with me here.

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