John Pyron

Let “The Business Doctor” inspire you and your team to smash your goals, achieve greater growth, and experience success like never before.

About John

I hit rock bottom in April of 1987. I was practically homeless, living in an abandoned trailer, in Oakland California. I was addicted to drugs, had dropped out of high school and my future was looking pretty bleak. I knew I was capable of living my life to a higher potential than I was currently living it. I woke up one morning and decided to change my future. I found the best mentor I could, changed my associations, started reading books, listening to audio, and doing what my mentor told me to do. Even when I didn’t want to.

Fast forward to September 24, 2010. I am featured on the center page spotlight of the Sacramento Business Journal’s fastest growing companies list. I built Intelligent Business Network Solutions, Inc, a $1Million company, during the largest economic crash since the great depression. In fact, I grew that business 63.9% from 2007-2009.

In 2013, I sold Intelligent Business Network Solutions to a national investor so I could pursue my passion, helping small business owners achieve results faster. Today I am an international Business and Sales Expert. I have trained thousands of professionals through public speaking, webinars, one-on-one consulting, mastermind groups, and facilitating corporate management team retreats. I am best known for creating and implementing predictable and profitable systems so business owners can be assured of high-quality referrals every single month.

Tap into my 30 years of real-world experience as a proven entrepreneur and business doctor. I will help you capitalize on your unique gifts and talents, by teaching you to solve problems, generate recurring revue, increase your productivity and profits, and attract perfect clients.

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– Corporate Events
– Team Trainings
– Workshops
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Speaking Topics

One-Page Strategic Business Plan

The One-Page Plan supplements the traditional Business Plan, allowing business owners to create and execute their goals successfully.
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How to 10x Your Referrals
Learn my bulletproof system for generating unlimited referrals.
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The Marketing to Sales Funnel WorkshopAn intensive 2-hour workshop in which I walk your team through building a powerful marketing to sales funnel.
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How to Make LinkedIn a Lead Generating Machine
One of my most popular talks. Learn how to use LinkedIn to generate nearly endless leads.
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Hard-Nosed Sales Success Secrets
Realistic sales success secrets that most sales leaders will not tell you!

How to Increase Your Results with Sales Systems
Put systems in place in your business that will increase your sales, results, and income.


“I’ve got eight business days left in the month, and I’ve already gone past the goal I’ve been trying to accomplish for two freakin’ years! Huge shout out to my coach (John Pyron)! I know my business would not exist without his guidance and support.”

— Stephanie Scheller

“Because of just one small tweak that John gave me, I had immediate effect (on my business) when I tried it the very next day. That’s what John’s strength is: he has an outside looking in insight that can help you do what you know and do it better.”

— Chantaine Bulluck

“My sales were in the tank. I wasn’t selling anything and [my business] was just a drain. John taught me how to talk to people about what I had and now I am cutting a profit and almost doubled my investment.”

— Lenny Sansone