Q & A With a Business Coach

“I’m a sole proprietor, so it is just me. I don’t have anything for sales. Is it worth trying to set up a program with someone who could do cold calls and create appointments, then I can follow up?” Absolutely! Roberta Lopez does my follow up calls and appointment setting. The only types of calls […]

Get Your Foundation Nailed Down Now

Last week I talked about the one-page business plan and why you have to have it. Today, I’m covering the rest of your business operations. Do you have the operational processes and systems in place to where you can go out to the market without drowning? Ask yourself this, if we increased your revenue by […]

The Power of the One Page Strategic Plan

Last week I brought on three new clients. One of them has been in business since 1990. Another, for only three or four years. The third, the one I got very excited about (not that I wasn’t excited about the other two) was the one that has only been in business since June of last […]

How to Make Your Clients Love You

A great way to make your clients love you is to do something nice for them unexpectedly. Have you ever gotten an unexpected package in the mail? How did that make you feel? It leaves a lasting impression on someone when you give them a little surprise. It’s a small act that can make a […]

How to Follow Through for Your Clients

You must follow through if you want to retain your clients. When you are selling a high-ticket item or service, you need to make darn sure that your client is happy they hired you. The last thing you want is for your clients to have buyer’s remorse. An easy way to do this is by […]

Why You Need a System for Client FeedbackCategorized

Do you have a system for client feedback? There is no better way to improve your client retention than hearing from your clients themselves. You have got to have a feedback system in your business. You can set up a survey or speak directly to them. This feedback can be good, bad, or both. I always […]

The Importance of Client Retention

The greatest compliment you can get from a client is having them stick around for years and years. In 2006, I started a company called Intelligent Business Network Solutions. I signed on Kurt Olsen as a client that same year. When I sold the company in 2013, Kurt stayed with me instead of going with […]

How to Achieve Financial Freedom in Your Business

Did you start your business with the ultimate goal of achieving financial independence and freedom? Now, many years later, you have built a company with a few employees, but you are nowhere near attaining financial freedom. I have experienced this many, many times, and I have watched my coaching clients experience it, too. One of […]

How to Create Systems in Your Business

The first step in creating systems in your business is investing in capture tools so you can start building your online training university for the people you are ultimately going to hire. Do this as soon as possible, before you even think you need to hire someone. I use Zoom for this. They have a […]

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