The Marketing to Sales Funnel Workshop

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About this presentation:

The marketing to sales funnel is a concept probably all business people have heard of, but not many know how to execute properly. In this presentation, I will teach your team exactly how to create a funnel that is effective in YOUR business. Get ready to turn those leads into buying customers with much more efficiency!

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What’s in it for hosts:

As a host, you will be providing your team, company, or group with some of the most valuable information they could ever receive on growing their business and success. Present new and engaging content that will not only help each attendee grow, but help your overall organization grow as well. This is a 2-hour intensive workshop that gets every member of your team involved in the process for the maximum possible results.

What’s in it for attendees:

  • Identify who your perfect client is, and what products/services they are looking for
  • Generate some ideas for a “teaser” product to get more people into your funnel
  • Learn how to formulate the perfect tripwire product to give prospects that initial buying experience
  • Step-by-step workbook on how to create your funnel for your business.

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