The Ultimate Referral System
John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

The Ultimate Referral System

One of the most common requests I get is, “how do I generate leads? Give me another lead generation system!” Most people don’t have a system. I’m going to share with you my system to create the ultimate referral system.

Start by making a list of everyone you pay money to right now.

Whether they’re your dry cleaner, coach, or whoever it is, write down all the people you pay money. This is called follow your money. Once you have that list, you can implement a referral system. Go after referrals from those people that you pay today.

One of the tools that I use is a referral form. The form has a place for their name, phone number, memories joggers to help them think of people to refer, and four spots to enter contact information for their referrals. Down at the bottom, there is the information for them to email or fax the completed form to me.

Here is how it works.

I reach out to someone who I have been paying money to and explain to them what a good referral is for me. In my case, that is a business owner, a sales person, or a sales manager that has a team of six or more located anywhere in the US. I am a coach. I help these people make money. Then I explain the memory joggers to the person I am reaching out to.  I say, “think of anybody in real estate, mortgage, MLM, car dealerships, insurance, solar, your prospects, sales teams, clients, or friends.  This helps them think of people to refer to me.

Now, for those that are willing to give me four referrals, I give them $25 per referral. Then I ask them to make a blank copy of my referral form and tell them that every month or every quarter I will be following up with them for another filled out sheet. When the referrals check out, I send them $100.

Implement this process.

Get yourself 10 of these people that you can have this type of relationship with. The cool thing is, every single month you will start with 40 referrals. People will give you these referrals because you are their customer and you pay them money. If the people you are currently paying are not willing to give you referrals, go out and find someone who does the same thing and is.

If you want me to teach the ultimate referral system to you or your sales team, in person, or over a webinar, click here and schedule a time to talk with me. To get a copy of my referral form, or the word for word script on how to teach the system to your team, email me at

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