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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Top 7 Sales Coaching Tips to Leverage the Power of the Sales Force

One question that is asked many times is where the coaching efforts should be concentrated to optimize sales. This question has been answered and the way to be effective is to focus on sales people that are in the center of the performance curve. Even if this answer has been accepted widely, it is important that coaching the top performers should not be neglected. When you listen to sales manager’s talk, you will hear them give their rationale for not coaching. One they believe their top performers are ok and do not interfere with them. Secondly the top sales performers say they do not need to be coached.

Despite all this facts there are 7 coaching tips that will help you leverage the power of your sales team;

Do not confuse arrogance with confidence
The top performers in sales are usually very confident. If you view this confidence from a different angle, it might be mistaken for arrogance though this is usually not the case.

You need to appreciate your sales team and you can achieve this through recognition and awards of those that are performing well. Even if you have offered them more these awards can be given in the form of assignments that are innovative.

Solicit feedback with your sales force. Consider their ideas when you are formulating the coaching scheme. This will really help in boosting the coaching techniques that you already have.

Use people and multiple approaches when coaching
Using all the resources that are available to you is a good idea. This will help prevent the sales team from getting bored as it helps keep the sessions lively.

Provide feedback that is actionable
Contrary to what people say, your best sales persons will appreciate feedback that is thoughtful, actionable and concise. The good news with this is that they will be able to implement it in a creative and imaginative fashion leveraging the power your sales team has.

It is important that you to keep track of your sales team and what they were doing. Most of the ideas can be translated to techniques which you can use to leverage the power of your sales team.

Innovative assignments
Sales teams love challenges and do love trying new ways of solving complex assignments. Use this in your coaching as it will help them in making tactical adjustments effectively and quickly.

As you consider the team to coach do not forget the top performers as they also like to be challenged so as to improve their talents and skills.

For your coaching to be a success, you need to have a sales force that trusts you so they can hid to your advice. Additionally, they should respect you so that they can value your coaching and perform for you. You also need to have a relationship with them, so they are able to share their concerns with you. No salesperson will be comfortable working for a leader that puts too much pressure on them, does not support or motivate them. You need to be hands on in your coaching approach to leverage the power of your sales force.

It is important that you work with a team that understands each other. If the coach is a problem then you need to replace them or you could lose your team due to lack of confidence. If you want to leverage the power of your sales force then you need a coach and coaching techniques that will be valued by the whole sales team.

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