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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

Is it beneficial for my company to have a virtual assistant?

While it is true that a startup requires a lot of time and dedication to accomplish multiple tasks, business owners go out of their way to do them all. However, not all tasks are good or relevant enough to occupy our full attention.

As is well known, in all businesses certain tasks must be performed that, although they are not billable, are necessary for the business to stay afloat. However, there is a very important role that has emerged in recent years, and that is the virtual assistant. 

When you work with a VA, you can delegate certain occupations to this person while you dedicate yourself to what is really important, that is, to what you know how to do, what needs your full attention, and what you decided to start your own business for.

But what does a virtual assistant really do? The most common assistants are dedicated to tasks related to:

Marketing: This type of virtual assistant takes care of your digital marketing such as your email management, creating and sending newsletters or announcements with the seal of your company, writing posts for your blog, and making your website more attractive.

Accounting: A virtual assistant is in charge of communicating with suppliers to complete orders, make estimates, and send invoices.

Graphic design: If what you need is to design a logo or original images for your content or website, you can hire a virtual assistant who knows graphic design, could help you manage your website and improve its visual appearance.

Translation: A virtual assistant will translate all the information you require to communicate with your international prospects or when you need to post in other languages.


Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for your business

They have experience

Virtual assistant work is very common on the internet, they are usually students or people who have decided to work on their own and already have extensive experience with other companies that can help you. Additionally, from his versatile job, he will have the skills to do just what you need and will leave nothing to chance.


Hire for seasons

There are seasons when you need a substitute or someone to help you with something specific. That’s where virtual assistants come in, with this advantage you can establish contracts for seasons or a specific time, ideal for when someone from the office presents a situation in which they have to miss such as accidents, vacations, postnatal rest, business trips, etc.

Focus on your customers

Hiring a virtual assistant will save you a lot of time to dedicate yourself to what you really want to do: attract more clients. Likewise, some assistants can do this task for you if you are very busy closing important deals, it does not mean that you leave out your day-to-day clients.

Attention at any time

Your customers will be better served since the moment they write to the email they will have an immediate response. The time it takes to respond to these requests is invaluable in keeping the customer’s attention on your product.

Organize your time

When you have a virtual assistant to help you serve customers who come through different channels, you have a better chance of organizing your time and dedicating it to whoever is worth it. In addition, virtual assistants can organize and keep track of your agenda so you do not miss any meetings or events.

Save Money

A virtual assistant will be cheaper than you think, since working externally in your company is free of the expenses that a common employee would suppose. In the same way, virtual assistants can be available at different times or work part-time. This allows you to pay only for a specific amount of time without having to set a biweekly or monthly salary. Many assistants also charge for tasks performed.

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