John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

What Makes Sales Training So Valuable?

In the United States alone approximately $5 billion is invested in sales training and improvement each year. Why so much? According to a study cited on the Sales Force Training webpage, the caliber of a salesperson is quite possibly the single most important factor in influencing consumers’ decisions to make purchases, and whether or not a sales professional is properly trained can have significant bearing on a company’s overall success.

What is the Importance of Sales Training and Why is it So Valuable?

Effective sales training is essential for a variety of reasons:

  • Proper training can significantly improve the sales person’s communication skills. While most sales people truly enjoy interacting with their customers, their communication skills are not always effective with diverse populations or a variety of personality types. In the world of sales, it is vital that a sales person possess the skills necessary to connect with consumers in order to determine the wants and needs of his or her customers. A successfully trained sales professional will have the ability to communicate an effective product or service solution in such a way as to appeal to the customer resulting in the closing of the sale.
  • Training can assist the sales person in becoming well versed in sales methodology. By learning proven methods for obtaining a customer’s buying commitment sales professionals are provided with a virtual road map for success. Well trained sales professionals will possess the ability to grab the customer’s attention, will recognize signals that indicate that the consumer is ready to make a buying commitment, and will understand a variety of methods that will enable him or her to close the sale.
  • Effective sales training can assist sales professionals with being able to anticipate possible rejections in order to practice techniques for overcoming them. While most sales professionals understand that rejection is simply another aspect of the sales world, poorly trained or unskilled sales people are often unsure how to handle such situations. Proper training can provide sales professionals with the ability to not only overcome rejections, but to make the most of them as well.
  • Training can improve the salesperson’s presentation skills. Presentation is a key aspect of any sale. Proper training can teach sales professionals to present products or services in a manner that is compelling to the customer in order to maximize the chances of achieving a successful buyer commitment. Enhanced techniques like providing product samples, customer testimonials, or even properly presenting diagrams and spreadsheets that demonstrate the benefits of the product or service can have a significant impact on the outcome of the sale.
  • Sales training can provide motivation to both seasoned sales professionals and inexperienced sales people alike. By becoming introduced to new sales techniques and additional sales skills, sales professionals often feel a new sense of empowerment and will possess increased motivation for achieving their next sale.

Continued sales training is essential for the success of your sales professionals, and in essence, that of your entire company. By providing your sales team with the knowledge, skills and confidence to optimize their performance and maximize the chances of achieving a buyer’s commitment you are opening the door to a whole new world in sales.

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