John Pyron, the Business Doctor

John Pyron, the Business Doctor

What we have learned at 10X Business Owners Mastermind Group

Dear followers, it’s time to pause and reflect a bit on everything we’ve talked about over the past few weeks in our 10X Business Owners Mastermind Group live call sessions. That is why today I will refresh your memory, summarizing how this whole road to success has been for those who listen to us and/or read us week after week.


Client Relationship

Let us remember first of all that as a company, the person who owns the relationship with the client, owns the client. Among other things, it is important that you do not give free wings to your employees, who are the ones who have a relationship with the customer, because as the owner of your business, you must take care of your customers yourself.

On many occasions we have seen how any employee overnight can snatch your clients from you and with them, the entire trajectory you could have with your business.

It is possible that your employees have a lot of malice and want to take away what you have achieved with so much effort, however, if you are the one who manages your own relationship with the client, you can stay with your clients. No one can take that away from you.

So it is important that you protect your intellectual property, try to know who you hire for your services, and never let other people do your work. Your customers are your most valuable asset, and therefore, what you must take care of and protect the most.


Complexity is your Enemy

Another important issue we talk about is that complexity can become your enemy if you don’t realize it and don’t act in time.

In this sense, what I want to say is that you cannot let things happen to chance, you must be prepared for each movement of your company, organize yourself with each activity, take the time in which you last in each activity, and thus perform. it will be much better.

That is why in a previous post I told you about a roadmap on how to make this guide for your activities, with it you can overcome the complexities and beat time.


Power base

If you think of a fire pit or a fireplace, it takes an enormous amount of energy to light the fire. But as long as you keep throwing a log here or there, a piece of firewood here or there, that fire will keep its heat and stay lit. As long as you keep adding wood, the moment you stop adding wood to it, it will eventually go out.

The power base is the people you know, with whom you have power. I mean, when you pick up the phone and call them, they know who you are. It could be a friend, it could be a family member, it could be a client, a previous client, a current prospect, a past prospect. So each of us has someone in our power base.

And chances are, out of an average of 100 people you know, maybe you haven’t called them, or maybe you haven’t talked to them in three, four or five years, but you do know them and if you pick up the phone and call them, They will take your call and will be very happy to hear from you.

So another issue that we touch on and that is very important is not letting your power base turn off, in other words, keep in touch with your friends, clients, former clients, friends of friends, among others. You never know when you will need that contact in your favor.


Expand your service offerings

Another invaluable tip is learning how to expand the offer with a customer with whom you are already closing the first sale. It is not about selling to sell or to stop selling out of pain, it is knowing how to communicate with your customers.

It is to have the confidence to tell your client, look at this purchase, you can add this, which can be very beneficial for you. They will thank you for sure.

Finally, if you liked these tips, imagine how important and educational our live calls are, that’s why I invite you not to miss any so you can boost your business and take it to the next level.

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