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I hit rock bottom in April of 1987. I was practically homeless, living in an abandoned trailer, in Oakland California. I was addicted to drugs, had dropped out of high school and my future was looking pretty bleak. I knew I was capable of living my life to a higher potential than I was currently living it. I woke up one morning and decided to change my future. I found the best mentor I could, changed my associations, started reading books, listening to audio, and doing what my mentor told me to do. Even when I didn’t want to..

Fast forward to September 24, 2010. I am featured on the center page spotlight of the Sacramento Business Journal’s fastest growing companies list. I built Intelligent Business Network Solutions, Inc, a $1Million company, during the largest economic crash since the great depression. In fact, I grew that business 63.9% from 2007-2009.

In 2013, I sold Intelligent Business Network Solutions to a national investor so I could pursue my passion, helping small business owners achieve results faster. Today I am an international Business and Sales Expert. I have trained thousands of professionals through public speaking, webinars, one-on-one consulting, mastermind groups, and facilitating corporate management team retreats. I am best known for creating and implementing predictable and profitable systems so business owners can be assured of high-quality referrals every single month.

Tap into my 30 years of real-world experience as a proven entrepreneur and business doctor. I will help you capitalize on your unique gifts and talents, by teaching you to solve problems, generate recurring revue, increase your productivity and profits, and attract perfect clients.

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