One-Page Strategic Business Plan Presentation

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About this presentation:

Have you or any members of your group spent days, weeks, or even months slaving to create the “perfect” business plan? One that consists of many pages, includes charts and references, and so much more? How often was that business plan referred to just six months after its creation? How does it actually guide your day-to-day operations now? The One-Page Strategic Business Plan was designed to be an easy to create and reference guide for your entire operation – one that actually gets used by your whole team on a constant basis.

What’s in it for hosts:

As a host, you will be providing your team, company, or group with some of the most valuable information they could ever receive on growing their business and success. Present new and engaging content that will not only help each attendee grow, but help your overall organization grow as well. This is a 90=minute interactive workshop that perfectly replaces typical team meetings/reviews.

What’s in it for attendees:

  • Step-by-Step walkthrough on how to create a One-Page Plan
  • Identify your true objectives and goals for each quarter – and map how to achieve them
  • Create a simple-to-follow roadmap that will govern all business decisions at every level of your company

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