Finance, accounting, and bookkeeping

During this week’s Small Business Owners Mastermind call, we had a meaningful conversation about finance, accounting, and bookkeeping. If you had to read a book to start a business and be successful, you would probably never start a business because I don’t think there is enough shelf life to read all the books on how […]

Key business processes and business management

Every Thursday of the week on the Small Business Owner’s Mastermind call, we will talk about a different topic in order to cover the most important points of a business. In a week we will talk about sales, a week about marketing; operations in the third week of the month (which we talked about in […]

Tips to take control of your business

Last week in our Small Business Owner’s Mastermind Call week session, we had a very interesting conversation about some of the challenges that any business owner can face when they don’t have advice. Sometimes we have thought that we are the only ones who know how to handle specific tasks of a business because we […]

Finish 2021 Strong

Do you want to know what we talked about in this week’s webinar? We will tell you everything. It was a unique webinar with Alan Reeves. And since I love business challenges, and any business that will grow will have challenges, this seminar was precisely to help you solve the last quarter of the year […]

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