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Level Up Your Business Growth! Discover the power of our exclusive weekly 10X mastermind call that will skyrocket your business growth. Gain valuable insights, expert coaching, and solve your biggest business challenges with ease. Join now and accelerate your journey to success! Join the Ultimate 10X Mastermind Call!

Six Key Foundations of Selling

No matter what business you are in, creating sales is not an automatic or instinctive process that happens all by itself. Selling takes effort, a plan, and faithful adherence to long-established practices that have remained valid for centuries. Every Business Sells The first thing to realize is that selling is not optional. Sales are the […]

Benefits Of Sales Training Courses

When it comes to training programs, most organizations view them as an unnecessary expense. However, when such programs are conducted correctly and with clear goals, they can prove invaluable for the business and employees. It is a well-known fact that sales form the basis of a company. Hence, investing in practical sales training courses can […]

Strategy Sessions ‘Done For You’ Programs

We have added specialized coaching plans and ‘Done For You’ programs for even more personalized services. This allows us to take on an additional four Strategy Sessions per month. All Sessions are First Come, First Serve, so book today! STRATEGY SESSIONS PLUS   $750 for Revenue less than $500K $1500 for Revenue more than $500K $2000 […]

Playing The Game Well

Sales are like a professional football game. just play the game, and if you plan properly, work with the right coaches, and give 100% effort, you will win the game, and you will win it consistently.

Focus On Revenue Producing Activities

Growing your business requires focusing on revenue-producing activities! I am excited to discuss your goals and challenges to fast-track your success. Book time on my calendar today. You can call me at (916) 765-2596 or email at  Make it a great day!  

Strategies To Retain a Customer

One of a marketing entrepreneur’s obsessions is user acquisition, but this is not the only one; retaining a customer and the churn rate are also issues that concern (and a lot) professionals. Undoubtedly, user acquisition is one of the most important pillars and, in general, one of the most relevant business objectives of the year. However, […]

The Benefits of Sales & Business Consulting

Today’s business environment has become complex and competitive. Enterprises that do not properly reposition their sales strategy are likely to lag behind in their growth. The sales environment is constantly evolving, and business owners should align themselves with new frontiers in the market, shifting consumer behavior, and technological advancements. The path to profitability will be […]

Getting More Done in Less Time

This year alone, the topic “How to Get More Done in Less Time” has been brought to my attention on countless occasions. Over 20 one-on-one clients have all strikingly similar things to say to me: “John, I just don’t have enough time.” “John, how can I get more done in less time?” Productivity. To give […]

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