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John Pyron, the Business Doctor

6 Tips For A Killer LinkedIn Profile

6 Tips For A Killer LinkedIn Profile

Networking comes in many forms. Word of mouth, cold calling, and cold emailing are all forms of networking. In the Information Age, new methods of meeting people are constantly being created. One of the best ways to generate connections and leads is through LinkedIn. That being said, there is a good, better, and best way to navigate the world of LinkedIn. If one wished to be successful on that platform, it is imperative that the LinkedIn member has a great profile. Below are 6 tips for creating a LinkedIn profile that will assist in generating connections and leads.

1. A Professional Photo

The photo isn’t mandatory for simply being a member on LinkedIn. A photo is necessary because profiles with photos garner more views. The view count isn’t the most important aspect either. LinkedIn is a professional social network. On it, people do not expect pictures of others partying. Instead, the LinkedIn photo is supposed to represent the first impression. This first impression must be professional because of the nature of LinkedIn. A professional photo is the best way to accomplish this.

2. A Completed Profile

Think of a time you met a person for the first time. They were probably wearing shoes, pants, and a shirt. What would you think if that person was not wearing shoes? An incomplete profile on LinkedIn is not professional. The good thing about LinkedIn is that the platform will tell members how complete their profile is. This is great because the member is guided to the next step in creating a robust profile.

3. Keep the Profile Updated

People tend to switch jobs every few years. What would happen if they don’t update their LinkedIn profile? Everyone will think the person is still working at their old company. It’s easy to see how this would be a detriment to networking and generating leads. Not only should the employment history be updated, but all parts of the profile should be updated regularly as well.

4. Edit the Public URL

One of the coolest tricks on LinkedIn is the ability to change the profile URL. For example, if Bob Smith has a LinkedIn profile, the end of the LinkedIn address could be /bobsmith. This creates an air of professionalism that otherwise wouldn’t be. The URL would probably have been some random string such as /1234523444, at the end of the URL address. A custom URL is also great to put on business cards.

5. Be Public

On LinkedIn, almost every update to a member’s profile is broadcasted. This is a great opportunity to be strategic in regards to what is broadcasted. For example, a company change should always be broadcasted. On the other hand, fixing a typo in a member’s summary should probably not be broadcasted. What is shared publicly can be toggled on or off at any time.

6. The Profile is the Resume

This is the most important thing to remember. When a recruiter or business lead looks at a LinkedIn page, they are essentially looking at a resume. All of the information they need to know in summary is there. The profile shows the company history, the person’s skills, and the person’s education, among other things.

Implementing these 6 LinkedIn tips will assist in generating more connections and leads. Once you have the profile set up, you can follow the steps outlined in this podcast episode to generate endless leads from LinkedIn.

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